Hi everyone! Our names are Maddy Wecker and Alessia Cawley and we are juniors at WHS. In the past weeks, we have noticed the strain which COVID-19 has imposed on our local pantries and wanted to make a difference.

For many individuals and families, this time of stocking up on food and supplies negatively impacts their ability to obtain necessary items. Moreover, unemployment due to COVID-19 has caused a lack of stability for many. Local pantries are struggling to provide aid for the increasing number of those in need.

We have organized this fundraising page to remind those struggling that they are not alone, and even in isolation, our CT community remains united. Any donation, no matter how big or small can positively impact someone facing hardship. However, we understand if you are unable to donate at this time, and kindly ask for you to share our fundraiser with a family member or a friend. 

In times like these, we’re reminded of the interconnectedness of our community, a strength only achieved with the help and support of people like you. Thank you for your help because we would not be able to do this without you! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by either:

- Email: covid19pantrydrive@gmail.com

- Facebook Messenger: Maddy Wecker or Alessia Cawley

Thank you again we truly believe that we are stronger together, and we can help CT!!