Goal - $25,000 

 (un)adopted’s primary initiative in Colombia is partnering with local churches and other local ministries to fulfill the biblical mandate to of caring for the vulnerable. Our partner is a church serving orphaned and vulnerable children in Colombia. This church is committed to caring for vulnerable children and do this through various means. Their outreach includes: fruitful relationships with both public and private orphanages, building a support network for foster families, and congregants opening their homes as foster parents.

In 2021, (un)adopted added an in-country coordinator.  Or coordinator is helping establish trainings within local churches and with professionals which equip them to care for the vulnerable through foster care, family preservation, adoption and more.  We  also launched our first annual Biblical Mandate Conference, allowing us to identify other ministries and church partnerships we can partner with to fulfill the mission of caring for the fatherless. The inaugural conference welcomed participants from all over Latin America. 


​Goal - $80,000

(un)adopted's newest strategic partner is caring for vulnerable children in Belize. They are training gospel-centered families in Belize to foster vulnerable and orphaned children.  "Children flourish best in families" is the heartbeat of their mission. 


Goal - $2,000

(un)adopted’s is currently seeking partners who share our heart for the gospel and vulnerable in Costa Rica. Our desire is to find strategic partners who understand the gospel mandate for the church to care for the vulnerable. To do this, we launched pastoral conference in 2021 where we explained the biblical mandate with local pastors and leaders throughout the country. This conference allowed us to meet and begin conversations with local pastors and determine which churches to partner with in caring for the vulnerable in their community.

We currently have a relationship with  a foster care organization, and we hope to see continued growth in this connection as we equip and train churches for the ministry of foster care.


Goal - $10,000

(un)adopted’s primary initiative in Guatemala is to find local churches which understand the biblical mandate of caring for the orphaned and vulnerable and equipping churches to do the same. Reforma Church is a great example of a church working to fulfill the biblical mandate, and our team has come alongside them to help and encourage them as they seek to equip the local believers. Reforma Church has two primary minisistries through which they are ministering to orphaned and vulnerable children. These ministries include: “MANOS” and “SAMOS.”

·       MANOS (hands) is a ministry that care for the vulnerable in a very tangible way. This ministry provides venerable families with groceries and supplies in the surrounding area.

·       SAMOS (We are) is a ministry which equips local believers to serve as mentors for children living in institutions under government protection. They are also in the process of training 60 foster families for 2021 who will be able to open their hearts and homes to the vulnerable children in region.

(un)adopted’s second initiative is to support A.C.H. Orphan Care Conferences every October in Guatemala. The purpose behind these conferences is to bring encouragement to individuals and churches who work and serve with children from hard places.  


Goal - $20,000

Global Education is Lifeline's newest endeavor to provide resources to in-country teams and partners around the world! As our ministry serves in over 29+ countries through adoption and (un)adopted, our heart at Lifeline is to ensure that local believers are not only aware of the orphan care crisis in their community and what the gospel teaches regarding our involvement, but also are equipped to do the ministry the Lord has called them to do.

Through Global Education we are empowering the local church in each country by providing training, education, resources, and curriculum that they will be leading out in their own communities. Global Education will provide the means to support our partners all over the world through our various ministries at Lifeline.

(un)adopted® partners with several ministries in Latin America: a boys' home in the Dominican Republic, and local churches in Colombia, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and a foster care training program in Belize. 

We are excited to have the opportunity to share specific ways you, your family or your church can come alongside these ministries! Your generosity will play a crucial role in the care of many vulnerable children around the world!

Every gift matters and is tax deductible!