More Stories of Independence

Patty & Hearing Dog Sierra

Patty is a mother and teacher. She uses an assistive implant to hear during the day. At night, she is completely deaf. When the fires broke out in North Bay in 2017, Patty knew she needed assistance. “If someone comes knocking to my door to evacuate me, I’m not going to hear it,” shares Patty.

In 2019, Patty was matched with Hearing Dog Sierra. Sierra is expertly trained to alert Patty to sounds such as a knock on the door, a phone, a fire alarm and so much more. Because of Sierra, Patty can now sleep peacefully at night knowing she is there for her.

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JD & Service Dog Sprout

JD was born with Phocomelia syndrome. Because of this, it is difficult for him to pick up things he has dropped. In 2020, JD was matched with Service Dog Sprout who made day-to-day life much easier for JD.

Sprout helps with daily tasks such as retrieving items, opening doors, and turning on and off lights. Thanks to this life-changing assistance, JD is living more independently and now has more time for his passion, Spartan Racing. JD has placed second in the Para World Championships and now has Sprout by his side every step of the way.

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Facility Dog Olaf

Facility Dog Olaf is the friend everyone needs – especially in the hospital. His soft, heavy head and body are used to provide deep pressure and his floppy ears are always there to listen.

Expertly trained by Canine Companions, Olaf works with Child Life Specialist Kristen Bishop at Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital. The facility provides specialized pediatric care for children with cancer, trauma and other medical conditions. Canine Companions facility dogs touch hundreds of lives every single day all across the country.

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