Leprechaun Hunt Raffle supporting Share Foundation
Leprechaun Hunt Raffle

About the Cause

Share Foundation was founded September of 1982. It first began as a camp for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities, or other-abled adults. Fr. Blaney founded these camps and it was through these opportunities that he saw how important community was to his friends. It was then that he decided to pursue a full community of other-abled people. After much fundraising, he and the board of directors of Share Foundation bought 185 acres of undeveloped farmland located in rural La Porte County, IN. It was that that the dream blossomed! Now, we currently have 15 homes, a large camp building, Forcey Guest House, as well as the new John Largura Family Senior Center. We are now a thriving community that 30 other-abled adults call home. 

How Your Support Makes a Difference

Share Foundation operates solely on its fundraisers and generous donations from community members and businesses. Your gift today is used for the direct benefit of our Villagers and Campers. Donations are used for upkeep of their homes, for food on their tables, and for activities that increase their quality of life. Not only does your gift benefit our Villagers and Campers, but we truly believe it benefits the community. The Villagers of Sharing Meadows bring great joy to everyone they meet. They truly do not know a stranger. The love that they spread all across Northwest Indiana is an incredible gift to many, and your support gives them that opportunity! 

Thank you to our Sponsors

For the last 27 years, the first Sunday of August was always occupied by the Leprechaun Hunt. This year due to the ongoing pandemic, we find ourselves without that staple of the summer family fun day! Your support for our mission means so much to us every year, but especially through these unprecedented times. We thank you for visiting our site and can't wait to hunt leprechauns with you next year!

​We need your help! Peer to Peer fundraising is a new and exciting opportunity for you and for Share Foundation! This website gives YOU the opportunity to go out and fundraise for a cause that you have fallen in love with. Our Villagers are so easy to fall in love with, and they are asking for YOU to join THEM in the efforts of raising funds for this campaign. If you sign up as an Ambassador, you are agreeing to be a part of our mission in a very special way. Share this website to all of your friends, SHARE our mission with all those who you meet, and continue to help us maintain the beautiful home that has been created for our incredible friends. Join us in reaching our goal of $150,000 raised for the Villagers and Campers of Sharing Meadows!