Lifeline Children’s Services works with Filder Hilaire in the country of Haiti. Filder has partnered with Lifeline for almost ten years as our adoption facilitator and attorney. We met Filder in an orphanage in Haiti as he tutored children in the afternoons. Filder is burdened for children and families in Haiti, and we are so grateful for his work around the country.


The recent earthquake on August 14th has devastated many towns and cities across southwestern Haiti. Filder’s wife, Rose, is from that region of Haiti. Her parents and family members have lost their homes and livelihoods as their crops and businesses were destroyed. The earthquake has left over 140,000 people with destroyed or damaged homes and over 500,000 needing humanitarian assistance.


Please join us in partnering with the local church in Maniche, Haiti, to help provide local communities with essentials such as food, drinking water, and hygiene items including soap, toothbrushes, and toothpaste. As these communities begin to rebuild, they need tents, blankets, wood, nails, and cement. Lastly, Haiti requires assistance in COVID prevention, needing masks, hand sanitizer, and first-aid kits.