Lights Up!

Donor Wall*

​Thank you to all who have donated to Lights Up!

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Adler

Ugur Aker

Catherine Albers

Ms. Margaret Anderson

Roland and Dale Anglin

Ed & Connie Babcock

Carol Barnak

Ms. Angela Battaglia

George & Ramona Bause

Mr. Robert A. Beach

Ken & Jana Beck

Dan and Carolyn Beears

Fred & Mary Behm

Mr. Keith Benjamin

Ms. Zakiyyah Bergen

Sandra Berman

Jack & Carolyn Blackwell

Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Blattner

Mr. Dennis Block

Elaine Bolasny

Phoebe H. Bowers

Beth and Bob Brandon

Mr. and Mrs. George H. Brant

Harlan Brew

Jenny and Glenn Brown

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Brown

Nancy E. Brown

Mr. James Brown

Mrs. Kimberly Brundage

Ms. Elaine C. Bultman

Marc and Viki Byrnes

R. Bruce and Beverly Cameron

Ms. Lindgren Carson

Thea Cerra

Joan and Alex Chamberlin

Carolyn and Vince Cheverine

The Cleveland Foundation

Cleveland-Cliffs Inc.

Tom and Anita Cook

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Curtis

Rand & Beth Curtiss

Ms. Jill Davis

Audrey DeClement

Ms. Deborah Deutch Rabinowitz

DLR Group | Westlake Reed Leskosky

Jane Dugan

Ed and Cheryl Eiskamp

Ms. Debrah Elliott

Mr. Barry Feldman

David V. Foos

Jeffrey Ford

Chuck and Char Fowler

Mr. Philip Freund

Mr. Richard Frey

Beverly Gans

Walter and Anne Ginn

Ms. Martha Goble

David Goldstein

The Roe Green Foundation

Anna Z. Greenfield

Levy Griffin

Mr. Jeffrey H. Grover

The George Gund Foundation

Peter and Lee Haas

Kurt Haas and Dierdre Pim

Mary Louise Hahn

Scott and Lisa Hamilton

Mrs. Nancy Y. Hammond

Stephanie Hasakis

Lynn and Kathy Hoag

Richard and Katherine Hoenigman

Betsy Hogg

Kathy & Jamie Hogg

Dr. Samuel J. and Eva H. Horwitz

Rolande Howard

Ms. Linda Hronek

Lynn Iams

Mr. William Ivancic

Richard Jeschelnig

Mrs. Patricia Jolly

The Walter and Jean Kalberer Foundation

Jeffrey and Lisa Kapp

Catherine Keating

Ms. Peggy Kington

Ann V. Klotz

Richard Knapp and Ellen Mattingly

Don & Ingrid Knechtges

Martin Kolb and Sandra Kiely Kolb

Donna M. Koler

Richard B. Kotila

Janet L. Kramer

Nick Krasnoschlik

Shannon Kriegmont

Peter and Cathy Kuhn

Mr. & Mrs. Gary & Gail Kula

Al and Cyndi Kuntz

John and Johanna Langham

Frank LaQuaglia

Norma Lerner

Renee Lesko

Beth and Isaac Lewin

Heather Light

Ms. Cathy Lincoln

Erica Lohan

John Lohan

Irwin Lowenstein

Ms. Claire Mahoney

Charles and Rita Maimbourg

Daniel Mansoor

Dr. Nancy-Clay Marsteller

Fred W. Martin

Ms. Mary McGraw

Maeve McGuire

Oscar Medina

Ellen and Michael Meehan

Susan Meier

Michael Meisel

Mr. Robert S. Meisel

Susan and Peter Meisel Family Philanthropic Fund of the Jewish Federation of Cleveland

The Milton & Tamar Maltz Family Foundation

Mary Mitchell

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Monreal

Deborah Neale

Ms. Elizabeth Nolan

Ms. Mary Jane Nottage

The Orr Family

Clare Paquelete

Robert Paul and Margaret Kennedy

Alec and Tamara Pendleton

Michael and Shari Perlmuter

Kim Pesses

The Pesses and Meisel Families

Mr. and Mrs. Terrell N. Pim

Mrs. Alexandra Pittaway

Heather A. Pitts

Germaine Polensek

Ms. Sylvia Profenna

Ms. Linda Rae and Mr. Andrew Hertz

Julie & Peter Raskind

Mrs. Sarah Reinwald

Mrs. Sally Rich

Nancy Richner

Roberta Rosell

Mr. Jeff Ryder

Ms. Mary Ryder

Donald and Kathy Rynbrandt

Mrs. Kristen Saada

Kathy Moses Salem Philanthropic Fund of Akron Community Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. David Samols

Dario and Emily Savron

Charlotte Scheidler

Stephen R. Schlaack

Mr. David Schroeder

Susan and Paul Schumacher

Janessa Schuster

Drs. Michael and Joanne Schwartz

David Sedwick and Martina Veigl

Marilyn Segall

Mary Ann and Gary Shamis

Randall & Sara Shaner

Frances Sharp

Robert and Christine Shockey

David and Faye Sholiton

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Simkoff

Jeff and Celia Sinclair

Mr. and Mrs. G. Michael Skerritt

Ms. Sharon Skowronski

Ms. Susan A. St. John

Regina Sukanick

Shane Stahl

David Swank and Clare Paquelet

Gail Tantanella

Martha and Ed Towns

Linda Travis

Phil Trimble

Ms. Julie Tutkovics

Paula Tuffin

Robert and Marti* Vagi

Ms. Lisa Vahey

Gregory Videtic

Erika Wagner

Ms. Louise Warner

Anne Marie Warren

Jenifer and Jack Warren

Fern Weiss

Dr. & Mrs. Leonard Weiss

Mrs. Dorothy A Whittenberger

Rachel Wilkinson

Dr. Susanne Wish-Baratz

Ms. Doris Wishner

Dr. Daniel & Ellen Worthington

L.T. Young

Chuck and Ann Zellmer

*Donor wall is in alphabetical order by last name and will be updated weekly. 

Last updated 10/14/2021