LINKED For Life supports
Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario (POGO)

How Can You Show Your Support?

1. Make a donation to get a link added to the chain. With a minimum donation of $5, a link will be created in your name. You have the option to direct your link to a specific hospital chain. Links are available in seven colours for you to choose from to represent your reason for participating: 

Childhood Cancer Survivor – Green 

Current Pediatric Cancer Patient - Yellow

Family Member – Blue

Friend or Community Member - Purple

Health Care Provider - Orange 

In Honour - Pink

In Memory - White

For every $5 you donate, one link will be created in your name. If you are purchasing links in honour or memory of someone, their name (not yours) will appear on the link. 

2.  Share your story. Have you been affected by childhood cancer? Create your own page and share your reason for participating in LINKED for Life. Ask friends and family to support this campaign by making a donation to get their own link(s).

3.  Get your company involved!  Set a goal and create a chain at your office or place of business. Links will be provided to you for your chain.

4.  Share on social media. Share this page on your social channels and let others know how they can get involved. Remember to use the hashtag #LINKEDforlife and tag @pogo4kids

Visit Timeline and Links in 'What's Happening' to see our LINKED for Life community.

Did You Know?

There are over 4,000 families in Ontario with a child or children in cancer treatment or follow-up care each year. On average, 86% of children with cancer survive, but approximately 60% of these survivors will experience complications either due to the disease itself, complex surgical procedures or the rigorous rounds of radiation and chemotherapy they were given during treatment.

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in September presents an opportunity to bring the childhood cancer community together to help raise awareness about the late effects survivors face.

POGO ensures that everyone affected by childhood cancer has access to the best care and support. On behalf of the children and youth currently in treatment or follow-up care, and the many survivors who face late effects as a result of their cancer, thank you for being our champion!

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About the S2S Network

POGO's Survivor to Survivor (S2S) Network is part of the POGO School and Work Transitions Program. We hire facilitators and a mentor, all of whom are childhood cancer survivors, to provide workshops and promote community building with other survivors. 

A special thank you to our generous donors

A special thank you to Manulife for supporting LINKED For Life 2021. POGO is thrilled to have Manulife onboard as one of our program donors. 

LINKED for Life was created by POGO’s Survivor to Survivor (S2S) Network facilitators to raise awareness and funds for childhood cancer and survivor care.

Check out our virtual chain and find your name! Virtual Chain 

Our goal is to create a visual representation of the connection between the childhood cancer community and those who support it. 

To achieve this, we are building paper chains throughout Ontario that will be displayed during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month (September) at five participating hospitals of your choice: The Hospital for Sick Children, Children's Hospital - London Health Sciences Centre, McMaster Children's Hospital - Hamilton Health Sciences, CHEO, Kingston Health Sciences Centre.

Links displayed in the hospitals will be assembled by our S2S facilitators and in POGO clinics by patients and staff. We need your help to grow the chains! 

What LINKED For Life Supports 

Funds raised through LINKED for Life will provide financial assistance to families so they can pay for out-of-pocket costs associated with their child’s treatment; support survivors with customized academic and employment counselling when their disease or its treatment has left them with learning challenges; and fund promising research that examines the impact of childhood cancer and its treatment.