Miracle of Innocence

Call for Action

Of the 2.2 million incarcerated inmates in the U.S., it is estimated that 2-5% are innocent. That means 110,000 innocent victims could still be in prison. One in 25 on death row are actually innocent. These are unique, beyond DNA, capital cases. Such cases require complex investigation by experts and cost an average of $350,000. Funding for such cases is limited. Who will step up to help these innocent victims?


At Miracle of Innocence, our aim is to vindicate and free from prison individuals who are factually innocent of the crimes for which they have been unjustly convicted and imprisoned. We also provide services for our freed clients re-entering into society. A "Miracle Man" himself, founder Darryl Burton and Co-Founder Lamonte McIntyre both speaking to audiences throughout the world, raising awareness and funds to bring the innocent home and provide care for them during and after they come home.