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Thanks for your interest in volunteering for the 34th annual MN Walk to End HIV!

A lot goes into preparing for an event like this and we're in need of dedicated volunteers before, during, and after the Walk. 

We're offering a variety of volunteer opportunities to give you ways to make an impact and show your support for communities living with and affected by HIV. Volunteers are needed to help with set up, greeting, navigating, registration, first aid, refreshment stations, clean up, guest services, special projects, and more. 

To sign-up as a volunteer, simply click 'I want to volunteer!' below.

Volunteer Roles Needed

Set Up

  • Place signage along route
  • Set up the registration tables  
  • Set up tents and tables for vendors  
  • Set up refreshment stations 


Greeters & Navigators 
  • Guide participants to check-in stations 
  • Guide participants to start location of the Walk 
  • Guide along the route 
  • Some follow behind the last of the walkers to make sure none get lost  
  • Help answer questions about where resources are located   


  • Check participants in as they arrive 
  • Make sure that all walkers get their t-shirt 


First Aid
  • Responsible for safety and well-being of everyone at the event 
  • On stand-by if anyone gets injured or feels unwell 


Refreshment station
  • Help pass out water and snacks along the walk route 


Clean Up
  • Help take down any tables or tents
  • Pick up cones and signs from the route
  • Walk along the route & refreshment stations and pick up any trash 
  • Walk through resource fair and pick up any trash  
  • Place all trash and recycling in the correct bins  


Special projects
  • Volunteer your services such as yoga, fitness, and/or stretching 

If you have questions, send us an e-mail at