Building Families for National Adoption Awareness Month & the Holiday Season! 

There are those who would say that "every month is National Adoption Awareness Month," and because of the sheer number of vulnerable children we serve that need loving and permanent homes, we at tend to agree. That said, November is a great opportunity to spread awareness of adoption and get involved with organizations, like, that help make adoption possible for every type of family.

To date, we have awarded 382 grants totaling over $3.4 million dollars. But as more families are impacted by this crisis, the need for our grant program only becomes greater. We saw a 20% increase in applications for our November cycle, showing us that the adoption community, like so many others, has been hit hard by this pandemic. 

Like so many other small businesses, we have been faced with great challenges this year - it's been hard. We will need help not only in raising funds for our grant program, but in raising awareness of our cause and it's impact on families across the country. During the months of November & December, you can make a difference by sharing a video about, starting a November fundraiser as a team or as an individual (click Register Now below), gifting a Family Tree Bracelet, or simply making a donation to this page. 

Every dollar counts.

Together, we can bring about new beginnings for the children across the world who are in need of permanent, loving homes and the families willing and waiting to provide for them.