PGA HOPE Western New York


The Western New York PGA HOPE program is unique because it is more of a family than a program.  It functions with a huge heart that gathers its members, support and strength, from the Buffalo, Rochester & Erie, PA areas.   

Veterans and PGA Professionals truly understand and witness the positive effects that HOPE and the relationships it fosters can have in this year round program. They see the positive impact HOPE has in strengthening the mental, physical and emotional health of our vets, through the game of golf.

HOPE allows our PGA Professionals the chance to say “ THANK YOU”  to our veterans for their service and dedication to our Country.  It provides them a unique experience to teach the game of golf, but more importantly it provides them the opportunity to make a connection through their love of the game.

Through HOPE, our volunteer ranks have grown, as our veterans support the PGA REACH Foundation with giving of their time, efforts and leadership for local fundraising and national events. Their gift of giving back shows how committed and dedicated the veterans are to PGA Hope and the works of the  PGA REACH foundation.

PGA Hope has brought together veterans from all branches of the military with varying military and life experiences to create a family that supports, understands and grows together to meet the needs and challenges they all face on a daily basis. 

WNYPGA HOPE Ambassador Scott Smalter says it best, “PGA HOPE has acted as a catalyst to improve my mental health and has provided me a platform to lead veterans once again.  The real reward has been seeing a positive change take place in my veteran brothers and sisters through the game of golf and a renewed sense of camaraderie.

PGA HOPE Western New York