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JUNE 4, 2022 - Lake Park, Milwaukee

Thank you for supporting us! Great Lakes Adult and Teen Challenge is a one-year, live-in Christian discipleship program for adults struggling with life controlling problems such as drugs and alcohol. Our goal is to help our residents become established in society through holistic recovery and mentoring, education, and job training.

​​This is the inaugural year for New Day 5K! Make history and memories while running or walking with us in 2022. 

2 Corinthians 5:17 "This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!" 


Last day to Register is May 31st. 

Join us for a fun kids dash after the race. Children 10 and under are encouraged to run the 100 yard dash! Treats will be given to all kids who race. 


Starts at:  June 4, 2022 9:00 AM
Ends at:  June 4, 2022 1:00 PM


Lark Park
2975 North Lake Park Road
Milwaukee,WI 53211 USA


Allison Godwin

Jacqueline's Story

    I am 37 and from Green Bay, Wisconsin. I am the proud mother of three boys! I came to Adult and Teen Challenge in 2019 in desperate need of a new life. Four months later, when the Lord was starting to do something in me, I walked out of the program. Eight months after I left, I was battling addiction once again.
    Then I experienced an unexpected blow – my 4-year-old was diagnosed with leukemia. I knew that Jesus was the only chance for my life and his. I did whatever I could to come crawling back and He welcomed me with open arms. ​   
    Two years later, I graduated the program and completed the Emerging Leader Program. I am now serving as Women's Direct Care Staff. I am attending the District School of Ministry to train to be a pastor. Living for God and His will in my life has been a long, painful ride, but God fills me with joy! He has healed my son and he is now alive and well- cancer free! God used an absolute tragedy to draw me close to Him! I give all the glory to God!”
    Jacqueline serves at our “Robby Dawson Home for Women.” She teaches students how to put God first in their recovery as a Personal Studies and Education Facilitator. She teaches our Breaking Free class and leads our weekly evangelism team.

Anthony's Story

    Hello, my name is Anthony. My dad was full of hate and he taught me to hate and hurt others. He was an alcoholic, drug addict, gang member, and beat my mother. I was raised in a gang infested city in Los Angeles, CA. My mom took me to church when I was ten years old, but I didn’t like it and wanted nothing to do with God. So I followed my father’s destructive lifestyle.
    At thirteen, I joined the gang life, started drinking and abusing drugs. My dad was sentenced to life in prison and died there while I was still young. I was taught to fight and got kicked out of every school I
attended. At age sixteen, I left home, quit school, and lived my own life. My mom told me I was just like me dad and that made me happy.
    By age twenty-two I was serving time for robbery, gang banging, and drugs. I served four years in county jail and four years in prison. My only friends were other gang members. I escaped death time and time again for over twenty years. I woke up to paramedics thinking I was dead and began to think about heaven and hell. I was the same age as my dad when he died.
    My mom never stopped loving and praying for me. One day while she was grocery shopping, she met some men from Adult and Teen Challenge and they told her about a program that could change my life. She told me I needed to go and at age 47, I entered Adult and Teen Challenge in Shafter, CA in March 2019. I surrendered my life to Christ and He transformed my life.
    One month before I was to graduate the program, I was told to return to my mom immediately because she was dying. I came home and held her while she died in my arms. Without her, I wouldn't be where I am today. I completed the program and entered the Teen Challenge Ministry Institute in South Gate, CA. I spent a year doing an intense discipleship program learning more about Jesus and serving my brothers at Adult and Teen Challenge. Upon graduation, I accepted a full time position here at Great Lakes Adult and Teen Challenge.
    Before I could move to Milwaukee, the last piece of my past life was receiving sentencing for charges prior to the program. I told her about the offer to work in full-time ministry and the judge dropped all my charges and said “go enjoy your new life in Milwaukee.”
    God has truly blessed me and I am honored to be on staff at Adult and Teen Challenge. I work at the Men’s Center mentoring men, driving the tow truck, and helping staff the center day to day. I have incredible joy and freedom because Jesus saved my life. I want to share that hope with everyone I encounter. Thank you for helping Great Lakes Adult and Teen Challenge.

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