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“I walk in memory of my grandfather Billy Ray-Myers, probably the hardest-working, most kind person I ever met. He did everything for my family.”

The New York Jets’ John Franklin-Myers may have had 64 tackles during the 2021 NFL season, but he’s got a soft spot for sarcoma patients. His interest in finding a cure stems from his grandfather’s sarcoma journey. Since his grandfather’s passing in 2011, Franklin-Myers has made finding a cure for sarcoma one of his causes.

Why does John race? “[I’m] just bringing awareness to it… and hopefully the more people take notice to it and just donate and help the research, maybe find a cure or help people live longer from it would also be a great thing.” 

Won’t you join John Franklin-Myers in helping raise funds for sarcoma research? Join his team for the Race to Cure Sarcoma New Jersey on October 2, 2022.

The first 25 team members to register will receive a special JFM 91.0 QB Hits t-shirt.

Team 91.0 JFM QB Hits