"I had come to the point of not knowing how we could accomplish what needed to be done. I didn't know Easterseals helped in the way you have. 

 I want to say thank you on behalf of all the family. You and Easterseals are such an answer to my prayers."
- Sherri Hensley

Sherri is the step-daughter of United States Navy veteran Roy Fulps. At 80 years old, Mr. Fulps will be undergoing lifesaving vascular surgery 900 miles from his home. See below...

About No Vet Left Behind

It's a situation that gives you pause. You learn that there's little option. You need lifesaving surgery for an aortic abdominal aneurysm. Your surgeon will be the best in the VA medical system with over two dozen issued and pending patents. Dr. Patrick Kelly practices at Sanford Clinic and has the medical device which isn't found in Cincinnati. It's almost 900 miles away, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

That "you" is Mr. Roy Fulps, 80, who served in the United States Navy some 60 years ago. Still a man of service after the military, Mr. Fulps spent 30 years in manufacturing. This was manufacturing with a mission. His work in Evansville, IN employed adults with disabilities fulfilling contract services for  major manufacturers did so by employing adults with disabilities. He and his wife moved to Northern Kentucky to be nearer their daughter, Sherri.  

He paid it forward. As a veteran, the Greater Cincinnati VA was able to approve and pay for the medical operational costs. But when they learned that Mr. Fulps was ineligble for VA travel benefits - nor did he meet the mobility criteria for charitable medical flight services, they called for help.

The VA called Easterseals Military & Veteran Services. Easterseals is determined to leave no veteran behind. Largely funded by philanthropy, Easterseals serves many veterans and their families in a way that standard veteran resources are unable. Last year, almost 1,000 calls from veterans in need were answered.

This is where you can make a difference.  Easterseals Military & Veteran Services works with veterans in the region to convert hardship to personal and occupational success. We provide assistance to veterans through employment, educational and emergency resources. 

Please consider a donation* to leave no veteran, like Mr. Fulps, behind. 

*The VA has approved all medical, operational costs. Easterseals Military & Veteran Services is supplementing travel costs. Any donations that exceed the amount needed for these non-covered expenses will be diverted to helping other veterans in need.


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Lauran McHaffie

We Serve Those Who've Served

Easterseals Military & Veteran Services works with veterans in the region to convert hardship to personal and occupational success. We provide assistance to any former service member – regardless of their discharge status. We have experienced a 525% increase in demand for our services since 2017. 

Despite the constraints of COVID-19, Easterseals continues to respond with non-medical emergency resources, employment readiness, and educational support and retraining for veterans. Since the onset of the pandemic, 31 veterans have been connected to employment by working with Easterseals job developers. 

For more information go to http://givevets22.org or call or email, 
513-878-2200, vetsinfo@eastersealsgc.org