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Rebuilding with the McCraw Family

    <p>Natives of Guilford County, Frank and Emma McCraw built a life together in their modest two-bedroom home on the McCraw Family homestead. Together, the couple raised their three children in the home and lived a very simple life. Now in their golden years, Frank and Emma were looking forward to enjoying a quiet retirement - their home having been the one constant throughout their lives.  <br/></p><p>However, life so rarely goes according to plan, and Frank and Emma were beset by tragedy when one of their daughters passed unexpectedly in October of 2019. Two months later, the couple again found themselves in the unbearable position of burying a child when their son, Jerry, passed away from cancer. <br/></p><p><b><i>Just one day after burying Jerry, Frank and Emma lost their home, and most of their possessions, in a fire. </i></b><br/></p><p>Through One Community | One House, Habitat Greensboro, and Pleasant Garden Baptist Church will work in partnership with numerous contractors and designers to rebuild Frank and Emma’s home, culminating in a reveal of the completed home on November 7, 2020.<br/></p>

Construction Progress

Join us in following the progress of the rebuild both here and on Facebook.

Join us in following the progress of the rebuild both here and on Facebook.

How Your Support Makes a Difference

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"A home is so important to a family, because it's that center point for your entire life." - Drew Scott

Thank you to our Sponsors

Habitat Greensboro’s One Community | One House is an exciting new event that follows the rebuild and furnishing of a home being built for the McCraw Family, who lost their home to a fire. The event will culminate in a live-stream reveal on November 7th at 5:30 PM.

Funds raised will support the construction of the McCraw’s home, as well as help other local families build strength, stability, and self-reliance through affordable homeownership.

It is easy for you to be involved!

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  2. We invite you to become an Ambassador - spread the word about this event, and help raise the monies needed to fund the rebuild of the McCraw's home. To become an Ambassador and create your own fundraising page, please click the link below!