Aaron Love

Aaron Love

Tribute to My Dad, Ray Love

As someone whose glass is always half full; I’ve never felt this empty.  My father was more than name listed on a birth certificate; 

He was my Mufasa;

The "Mayor" of Rockford;

The Victor Newman of Tate Road.

He was a Dad to those who had part time fathers;

And a Dad to those who were simply away from home.

He believed in you and the good in you.

He was a Disciplinarian, a Provider and without a doubt, the Man of the House to my two sisters and me - the crack babies….

You see, my dad’s alarm went off at the crack of dawn, he awoke at the crack of dawn and went to work, every day, at the crack of dawn - for 18 years I watched him. He taught me the meaning of hard work, how to provide for a family and what it takes to be a man and more importantly, how to treat a woman.   

I’ll cherish the last few days I witnessed with him and my mom….a love that defines what marriage should be.   I watched them both as he took his last few breaths, and it reminded me of the years I watched him get up every morning (even though I knew this morning he would not rise); cause what I failed to mention about the 18 years I watched him provide was before he stepped out of bed, his clothes were ironed, his lunch was packed and his breakfast was on the table - every morning – she was right by his side, just like the day he passed.

So as empty as my heart feels, my mind and my soul are stronger than ever….strong because for the past 49 years, I watched; I learned.... and he taught me well – I’m not done making him proud.   

Thank you for keeping me and my family in your thoughts and prays - and please support me in raising money to support the fight.....Lets Ride! 

Aaron Love

The Journey

The journey of life makes you appreciate the small things. In 2015, it was seeing your strength with a cane. In 2016, it was a wheelchair. Little did you know, wheeling you around made me so proud.....proud cause I knew for years of my life, you did the same for me. So today, if I need to push you around town, I'm ready or if i simply need to sit and listen, I'm there.

Aaron Love