Rick Marschalk

Rick Marschalk

To get out of my comfort zone (and start leading a healthier lifestyle), I started cycling in August 2019. It has already taught me so much and I continue to learn something new on each ride. Not a cyclist? That's ok - like me, you have to start by taking a few steps at a time. I love the camaraderie and exercise that comes with each ride. Whether riding with Chain Reaction (from their store to Savannah Rapids Pavilion and back), riding on the Greeneway in North Augusta, riding along the Augusta Canal or from Savannah River Brewing Company/Downtown Augusta to the airport and back, these are all great ways to see Augusta from a new perspective.

Why do I ride? 

To honor the ones I have lost:

Brent Lunsford (best friend)

Kay Coursey (aunt)

Rita Bentz (aunt)

Jimmy Holton (uncle)

Deanne Hildebrandt (cousin)

Ben Marz (mentor)

As well as the ones who have fought cancer and are still with us:

Sarah Lunsford Wilson (friend)

Dave Cogburn (friend)

JaQuitta Williams (friend)

Please join me and contribute to this worthy cause so that we can cure cancer faster. 

Thank you,


Rick Marschalk

Silver Comet in October 2020

This was our first metric century. We did it!

Rick Marschalk