Pittsburgh Cure Sarcoma VIRTUAL Run/Walk/Whatever 2020
Pittsburgh Cure Sarcoma

About Pittsburgh Cure Sarcoma VIRTUAL Walk/Run/Whatever

Thank you to ALL who participated in today's VIRTUAL RUN/WALK/WHATEVER!!  

WHAT A DAY!  We posted the event in its entirety above with a detailed agenda below.  Please take the time to watch our program, or check in on your favorite doctors or teams.

Our waiting room featured ten great videos sent in by team members to support PCS.  The program included eight LIVE segments broadcasted from the Mario Lemieux Garden on the rooftop of the Hillman Cancer Center, eight LIVE Skype Shoutouts to teams gathered across the state, and eleven amazing videos featuring our regional doctors, and Memorial and Survivor stories that will touch your heart.  We even concluded with our FIRST official check presentation!  There were a few glitches along the way, but we are very proud of the outcome.

We are so grateful for all of the social media shares and donations, and truly blessed by your support!  Wear those bandanas and spread awareness.  We can still work TOGETHER to find a cure for sarcoma -- even when we are APART!!

AND since the event is posted here in it's entirety, you can still encourage your friends and family to register and participate!  They can watch the video, or a few clips, and post a photo of their participation to social media.  How to participate?  We have photos of people running, walking, swimming, boating, grilling, gardening and sleeping to support PCS.  

We will see you next year at the North Park Boathouse, Saturday June 26, 2021!





Pittsburgh Cure Sarcoma

VIRTUAL Race Agenda

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Waiting room videos:

00:25 – Waiting room open  - restarted due to a YouTube glitch – enjoy some videos sent in by our wonderful teams!

00:46 – Hailey from Hailey’s Comets

01:21 – Kathy McQuade from Root4Suit

02:04 - John and Maddie Twigg from Team Rachel

03:42 – Bob and Sandra LaMar from Team Anya’s Army!!

05:06 – Family of Grammie Fran from Frannie’s Friends

05:17 – Our precious eight-year-old Gabbi and family from Gabbi’s Crew

08:01 – Grace, Ella and Jacob Frederick from Race with Grace

08:56 – Ryan Day from the Sarcoma Slayers

11:13 – Team JoeyC tribute to Captain Joseph Cullinan

13:13 – Courtney from Team Coco - @youngbabycoco


15:26 Intro/Welcome-  Sue Suit Video

17:02 -  Live Shot – Dr. Mark Goodman and Adam Frederick (Introductions & Sponsor Acknowledgment)

18:41 -  National Anthem - Mia Logan (1:30)

20:22 -  Dr. Hussein Tawbi, Oncologist, MD Anderson Cancer Center (2:44)

23:03 -  Team Shoutout – Dr. Melissa Burgess (Thank you/Top 5 Team Announcements)

24:47 -  Dr. Melissa Burgess (video),Oncologist, UPMC Hillman Cancer Center (1:10)

26:05 -  LIVE Skype #1-  Never Mind the Bollocks – Let’s Cure Sarcoma

28:11 -  LIVE Skype #2 – Sarcoma Slayers for Ryan Day

29:21 -  Dr. Kurt Weiss Surgeon, University of Pittsburgh Physicians (3:30)

32:42 -  New 501c3 Status – Dr. Mark Goodman

34:34 -  Memorial Story - Blanock Family for Luke Strong (7:00)

41:44 -  Gift Card Winner Announcements- DID YOU WIN??

44:50 -  Dr. Kelly Bailey Oncologist, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh (1:30)

45:25 -  Ways to Give and Support PCS -  Adam Frederick

47:46 -  LIVE Skype #3-  Team Danielle

49:16 -  LIVE Skype #4-  Gabbi’s Crew

50:38  - Survivor Story – Jamie Rush Family (5:00)

49:16 -  LIVE Skype #5-  “Team Kathy B”

57:25 -  LIVE Skype #6-  Team Checketts

58:06 - Dr. Lisa Ercolano, Surgeon, Allegheny Health Network (1:15)

57:25 -  LIVE Skype #7-  Team Dotts

1:01:15 - LIVE Skype #8- Blumer’s Believers

1:01:39 -  Dr. Anette Duensing, Researcher, UPMC Hillman Cancer Center (3:30)

1:05:05 -  Peyton Henze – Importance of Youth Involvement

1:06:15 -  Dr. Brock Lindsey, Surgeon, WVU Medicine (1:20)

1:07:35 -  Dr. Anette Duensing – Your $$ at work - Receiving the INAGURAL DONATION for a new Freezer!

1:10:13 -  Wrap Up- Dr. Mark Goodman and Adam Frederick

1:12:05 -  Memorial Video


Starts at:  July 18, 2020 9:00 AM
Ends at:  July 18, 2020 10:00 AM




Pittsburgh Cure Sarcoma

Supporting research!

One of the primary goals for Pittsburgh Cure Sarcoma this year is to continue funding the tumor registry and tissue bank.

Did you know that one of the biggest challenges for researchers is access to sarcoma tissue for testing?

Several surgeons in Pittsburgh have been busy building one of the largest tissue banks in the country.  And their effort is fueling research both nationally and internationally.

With your support we can keep the lights on in the lab!

A volunteer-led organization!

When you choose to take part in the PCS Run/Walk/Whatever, you are choosing to join hundreds of others who want to make a difference for sarcoma patients and their families. 

Since our inception in 2011, our annual race event has brought  thousands of participants and volunteers together to promote sarcoma advocacy.  This year PCS is closing in on $1.5 Million dollars donated to sarcoma research.  

Due to its rarity, sarcoma research has been historically underfunded.  As a 100% volunteer led organization, PCS is best suited to make sure your donation makes the greatest impact.  With no overhead to consider, we are able to donate every dollar raised after race expenses.

We couldn't do it without our sponsors!

For information about sponsoring, see our Become a Sponsor page.