Midwest Section



The Community Outreach Pillar is a focus of Midwest Section PGA REACH. We work daily at the Midwest Section PGA and, as PGA golf professionals, to have our commitment to community outreach resonate throughout the organization, the activities, programs, and business we conduct. As the Midwest section of the PGA of America serves its members and grows participation in golf, we help drive the awareness that golf is, in fact, affordable, welcoming, and fun for all individuals regardless of age, gender, ability, background, or lifestyle.


Our Foundation prioritizes HOPE, so much so that we have changed our Mission Statement to include veterans. We doubled our programs in 2023 and have over 200 veterans on our waiting list. Our goal is to expand HOPE to other parts of our Section to help serve veterans in all areas and help to double our numbers of veterans more than served.


We are raising funds to Increase the amount of programs to help serve veterans on our waitlist. In addition, we will use the funds to purchase much-needed branding materials.

PGA REACH will provide a dollar-for-dollar match up to $10,000 of what we raise locally.

We hope you will partner with us to impact local Veterans in our Section.

Midwest Section