Pacific Northwest Section



The Pacific Northwest Section currently has 17 PGA Hope Programs, with at least an additional 9 programs hoping to be funded in 2024. With hundreds of VA Hospitals and a great number of active-duty military Bases in our Section, we have an enormous need for donations to help support our military veterans.


In the past year, the Pacific Northwest Section PGA Hope program has more than quadrupled in size, yet we still have a waitlist of over 300 veterans waiting for classes to become available.


Funds raised will help us to purchase essential adaptive equipment for our Veterans. In addition, funds will help subsidize the PGA HOPE programming so Veterans can participate in this life-changing program for free.  PGA REACH will provide a dollar-for-dollar match up to $10,000 of what we raise locally. We hope you will partner with us to impact local Veterans in our Section.

Pacific Northwest Section