Western New York Section



The Western New York PGA HOPE program is unique because it is more of a family than a program. It functions with a huge heart that gathers its member's support and strength from the Buffalo, Rochester & Erie, PA areas. Veterans and PGA Professionals truly understand and witness the positive effects that HOPE and the relationships it fosters can have in this year-round program.


Our Spring, Summer, and Fall sessions (8 sessions across 7 locations serving over 120 veterans) were completely full with a waitlist. Each year, we can add another session as we see the need and impact of HOPE on the Veterans and the PGA Golf Professionals. For the 2024 season, we are once again looking to expand our HOPE programming through training more PGA Golf Professionals to continue adding locations across the WNY area. We have 47 trained PGA Golf Professionals, and this year, we had 28 directly help host HOPE sessions. 


With the funds raised, PGA REACH WNY is looking to host a HOPE Cup where we would invite all HOPE graduates back for a golf tournament. As a Section, we value bringing together the veterans beyond graduating from a HOPE program, so we invite them to volunteer at Drive, Chip & Putt, or special events. This tournament would be a way for us, once again, to bring everyone together and show them the support they don't only have amongst themselves but also with others in the community. PGA REACH will provide a dollar-for-dollar match up to $10,000 of what we raise locally. We hope you will partner with us to impact local Veterans in our Section.

Western New York Section