Play it Forward Challenge

What is Play It Forward?

A 14-day virtual challenge that keeps kids, adults, families, corporate teams - really anyone! - connected, active, and having fun while helping millions of children around the world, including right here in Canada. All while practicing social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

From June 18 - July 1, a new challenge will be issued every day that taps into our four types of play: games, sports, creative and free play. Have your friends and family sponsor you to complete each challenge and earn points along the way to win one of the top prizes. Register today and get a head start on your points for every donation you receive! Are you ready to take the Challenge?

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Why Should I Play It Forward?

COVID-19 has affected us all. But its impacts on us are not equal.

Here in Canada, COVID-19 will have disproportionate impacts on children and families in Indigenous communities who experience limited access to health services and mental health programs compared to their non-Indigenous peers. The social isolation caused by COVID-19 will only deepen mental health and well-being impacts to Indigenous children and youth.


For 10 years, Right To Play has partnered with Indigenous communities and organizations across Canada to support programs that focus on mental well-being, self-care, healthy coping strategies and life-skill development. During the pandemic, we continue to support over 85 partners with virtual trainings and activities that can be played by children, youth and families in their homes. Many of our Community Mentors have been designated essential workers because of the critical role they play in support of child and youth health and well-being. This means it is vital to continue supporting these local programs.

We need to support children now so they can help their communities recover and rebuild stronger than ever in the future. Right To Play has the expertise, the partnerships, and the teams to make that happen.

Your support will help us keep children safe and healthy, learning, and mentally resilient.

Why Should I Fundraise?

Now more than ever, Right To Play needs the help of fundraisers and donors to continue to fund critical programming during the COVID-19 pandemic to protect, educate, and empower 2.3 million children. Funds raised through the Play It Forward virtual challenge will benefit the mission of Right To Play and ensure that programs can continue here in Canada and around the world where we work in 14 other countries.

Help us continue to support children and their communities. The pandemic threatens to undo a lot of the work globally that Right To Play has done over the past 20 years. We can’t let that happen. Dollars are needed now more than ever - thank you!

Your Dollars Make a Difference

and now they will make DOUBLE the IMPACT

Thanks to National Bank, our NIPD Challenge Corporate Sponsor, we are able to match all donations made online through the #RTPPlayItForward website between June 21st to July 1st in celebration of the rest of the month, which is also National Indigenous History Month

JUST ANNOUNCED: National Bank is now doubling our combined impact and doubling their previous commitment even further by matching all online donations from $5,000 to up to $10,000 for the rest of the event! Thank you National Bank and all of our generous supporters. Let's continue to raise much needed funds in support of our COVID-19 relief for Indigenous Children in Canada, as well as all around the world.

If you've made it this far through the 14 day challenges, it's really time to celebrate! #RTPPlayItForward would not be possible without the amazing ambassadors and celebrity challenge hosts that have come together to support this cause. In this two part challenge - we invite you to play for Canada no matter where in the world you are currently completing these virtual challenges from!  

Be sure to link your social media handles to your Play It Forward account and tag #RTPPlayItForward #CanadaDayChallenge @RightToPlayCan on Instagram.


Several of our challenge hosts are current or former Team Canada athletes to celebrate! So in this "We All Play for Canada" final challenge, we invite you to post a selfie with your own Canadian sports team jersey. If you don't have anything - find something red and white for your photo! 

Today is also Canada Day - a day that commemorates Canada's birthday on July 1st, 1867. While the country has recognized the importance of Truth and Reconciliation and recognition of Indigenous rights, there is still a lot of work for all of us to do! Beyond sporting your favourite red and white gear to show our pride for Team Canada, we invite you to "Play for Canada" by exploring the history of Indigenous peoples in the area that you currently live, work, and play on! Check out some of the resources on this page to learn more and use the territory acknowledgement tool to do more research about the land you are on today.

To complete this challenge, post a photo or video with your favourite Team Canada gear or red and white. Then in the headline of your post, acknowledge the territory where you have completed these virtual challenges.

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