QHS Alumni Battle of the Decades supporting Quincy Public Schools Foundation
Quincy Public Schools Foundation

About the Cause

The Quincy Public Schools Foundation began in 1989 as the Quincy Foundation for Quality Education (QFQE) to aid in the funding of academic program enrichment, quality enhancement, and extended learning opportunities in the Quincy Public Schools.  

To better reflect its mission, in 2008, the QFQE became the Quincy Public Schools Foundation.  In 2010, the Foundation launched the DREAM BIG campaign with initiatives targeting curriculum, technology, fine arts and athletics programs.

Today, the QPS Foundation continues to fulfill its mission of providing resources for the enrichment of academic programs and other projects throughout the Quincy Public Schools District for our children for generations to come.

How Your Support Makes a Difference

Over the last year, with the help of our generous donors, the QPS Foundation has been able to provide nearly $2 million supporting numerous initiatives throughout the District.  Some recent projects include: 

    •    Enhanced classroom curriculum through STEM education 

    •    Consistent support for technology equipment needs

    •    Complete renovation of the Quincy Junior High band room 

    •    Funding of social initiatives like the Child & Family Mentor program

    •    State-of-the-art locker and weight room expansion building at Flinn Stadium

Gifts to the Foundation make a big difference in teachers' classrooms and the newly adapted virtual learning.  Your donations help provide grants from the Foundation to fund non-luxury needs to these educators, enabling them to focus on creative and effective teaching.

2020 Dream Big Annual Campaign

Check out the QPS Foundation's campaign launch video!   View the impact your donations have made on the students in our district.

QHS Alumni are huge fans of the Blue Devils, and we want to support education through our Alma Mater and the entire Quincy Public School district... especially this year of uncertainty during the COVID pandemic.

The battle is on to see which Blue Devil alumni decade can raise the most for the QPS Foundation's Dream Big Annual Campaign! The foundation supports pillar areas like curriculum, technology, athletics, and fine arts to make sure EVERY student has the same or better opportunities than we had. 

Tax dollars only take them so far, and our donations, big or small, play a major role in raising the bar for public education in Quincy! 

Support your team today, and share your fundraiser on social media to show your Quincy PRIDE! Go Blue!