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Races for Faces 2021

About Races for Faces 2021

Watch the Virtual Opening Ceremony

Watch the Live Broadcast of our 2021 Virtual Opening Ceremony on our YouTube Channel. Tune in before 10:00am ET​ on Sunday, September 19 to say hi in the Live Chat!

About Races for Faces

Each year, thousands of our myFace friends gather together - online and in person - to raise support and critical funding for the craniofacial community at Races for Faces.​

Historically held as an in-person 5k walk, Races for Faces went virtual in 2020 to help keep our communities safe.

And thanks to your overwhelming support for last year’s virtual event from across the country, Races for Faces will continue to include virtual participation in 2021 and beyond!

Here's How You Can Participate

STEP 1 - Sign up now to start your Races for Faces campaign

The earlier you begin, the easier it’ll be to compete in raising support for people with craniofacial differences. And it’s super easy to get your campaign started.

STEP 2 - Set a Goal

Setting an individual fundraising goal, whether $200 or $2,000, gives you something to work towards and it helps show your supporters how they’re part of helping you succeed. And we’ll help you with all the tools you’ll need to reach your goal!

STEP 3 - Share Your Story

Races for Faces is about this amazing community coming together to support one another and others with craniofacial differences. Whether you’re part of the craniofacial community, family or friends, or advocates for kindness and love for everyone, use your campaign page to share why supporting people with craniofacial differences is important to you.

STEP 4 - Get Engaged & Let’s Fundraise

When you register, you’ll get a Races for Faces Outreach Kit with drafted emails, social media posts, and messages you can share with your friends and family to reach your goal.

Let’s get started by registering you right now!


Starts at:  September 19, 2021 9:00 AM
Ends at:  September 19, 2021 11:00 AM




Dina Zuckerberg
917-720-4701 ext 160

Meet Your Races for Faces Grand Marshals

You can help provide access to comprehensive care, education and support craniofacial patients and families need to lead full and productive lives!

The Fu Family

Meet the amazing Fu Family Team! Lizzie, their team captain, soon-to-be highschool senior, and photographer extraordinaire is the driving force behind their team. She was born with microtia, a condition that affected her ears and hearing, and has endured many surgeries throughout her childhood and into adulthood, including ear reconstruction. Lizzie and her family are racing for myFace because they know firsthand what it’s like to be impacted by a craniofacial difference.

“My message to anyone out there who is like me is to never give up and know you are not alone. I hope that as awareness about craniofacial differences spreads, we will help those out there who need support and help them have just as good an experience as I did!”

Check out the Fu Family Team Page here.

Smile with AngelJayce

Three-year-old AngelJayce is a force to be reckoned with. He’s already an entrepreneur with a successful Lemonade Stand, his team has claimed the Most Spirited Award for many years, and AngelJayce just seems to capture the hearts and smiles of everyone he meets! Of course, mom and dad and their amazing family and friends have a lot to do with this, too. They know that the more people that come together in solidarity for this virtual event, the more we all have the power to make a difference in the lives of those with cleft and craniofacial differences.

“We participate in Races for Faces for myFace, AngelJayce and for all those born with craniofacial differences. Races for Faces is a family fun-filled day where we get to voice our fears and concerns, share our stories, cheer each other on, and most importantly, let each other know we are never alone.”

Click here to read more about Team Smile with AngelJayce.

Team Scarlett

The Carsons, who hail from Jacksonville, FL, have been part of myFace’s family for close to 13 years. Scarlett, now a junior in high school, and aspiring photographer, was born with craniosynostosis. She’s had 14 surgeries to date, and although Scarlett’s condition may now appear mild to others, the impact for this close-knit family runs deep as her mom, Suzette has said. They are honored to participate in myFace’s 9th Annual Races for Faces as a Grand Marshal, and share their experience with others in the craniofacial community to let them know that myFace has been there to provide the care, comfort and guidance throughout their journey.

“myFace has been a second family to me whenever I was in the hospital away from everyone. They cared for me in ways that you wouldn’t expect; they treated me like family in my hardest times when I needed my family the most. I choose to participate in Races for Faces to raise awareness and help myFace continue to expand the level of support so that kids like me know that they don’t have to go through their journey alone."

Visit the Team Scarlett Page here.

Why We Walk

Every hour a child is born in the United States with a craniofacial condition. 95% of them will undergo multiple surgeries and long-term medical care throughout their childhood and into their adult life. Each year, the faces of another 100,000 individuals are disfigured through accident or disease.

Having a facial difference can impede the basic functions a child needs to survive and grow, such as eating, hearing, and vision. Patients not only have to deal with the physical effects of their condition, but the challenging emotional impact as well, which can often result in feelings of isolation, discrimination, and low self-esteem.

Your support has a direct impact on the work we do and the patients and families we help. Changing their faces – and transforming their lives – forever.

About myFace

myFace is a non-profit organization dedicated to changing the faces - and transforming the lives - of children and adults with facial differences. For 70 years, myFace has been dedicated to changing the faces - and transforming the lives - of children and adults with facial differences by providing access to holistic comprehensive care, education, resources, and support that pave the way for better outcomes.

Through the support of the myFace Center for Craniofacial Care at NYU Langone Health, myFace ensures that individuals and families have access to state-of-the-art, personalized team care.

myFace also provides direct services that meet the day-to-day needs of the craniofacial community, including peer-led support groups, delivery of craniofacial newborn care kits, complimentary flights, and housing for out-of-town families seeking treatment in NYC.

In addition, myFace provides access to education through topic-specific webinars, workshops, online resources, and content, and strives to raise critical public awareness about craniofacial differences through programs such as its Wonder Project which helps to educate others on the importance of celebrating uniqueness and always choosing to be kind.

myFace aims to provide individuals and families with the care, tools, and information they need to successfully navigate their journey and let them know they are never alone.

Learn more by visiting myFace.org