Races for Faces 2020 supporting myFace
Races for Faces 2020

About myFace Races for Faces 2020

For almost a decade, myFace has organized an annual walk called Races for Faces - one of our most important fundraising and outreach events of the year. It has traditionally been offered as an in-person, 5k walk, allowing us to mobilize and bring together a diverse community of hundreds of individuals, including patients, families, friends, students, colleagues, corporations, philanthropists and community advocates. 

However, these challenging times call for a new approach, and this year we're taking this walk VIRTUAL!

Last year, we raised more than $175,000 with 600+ participants and 52 teams. This year, with your help, we aim to exceed our goal!

This September 26th, join us, as we turn craniofacial AWARENESS month into craniofacial ACTION month.

By participating in myFace Races for Faces - whether it’s fundraising through a team, recruiting friends and family, or just making a donation - you can help myFace raise the critical funds needed to support the comprehensive medical care and psychosocial services we provide our patients, families and craniofacial community. Your support can help give them the gift of confidence and hope for a brighter tomorrow while enabling them to lead full and productive lives.

How it Works

Gather donations.

Recruit friends & family to join your team!

Get the ball rolling
by donating to your own team.

Spread the Word

Use the built in tools to invite friends and join!

Hit your goal and proudly show your dedication to our mission with a recognition gift.

Use social media platforms to help spread the word.

We will be hosting a virtual program that will be streamed online Saturday, September 26th featuring myFace performers, celebrity supporters, and Races for Faces participants from across the country. There will also be a silent auction leading up to the event with some incredible items and once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

By taking myFace Races for Faces to a virtual platform, now EVERYONE across the nation can join us as we create and celebrate an environment where we all can feel safe, hopeful and empowered - and come together in solidarity to know we collectively have the capacity to make a difference in the lives of those with craniofacial differences.


Starts at:  September 26, 2020 9:00 AM
Ends at:  September 26, 2020 10:00 AM




Dina Zuckerberg
917-720-4701 ext 160

Why We Walk

Every hour a child is born in the United States with a craniofacial condition. 95% of them will undergo multiple surgeries and long-term medical care throughout their childhood and into their adult life. Each year, the faces of another 100,000 individuals are disfigured through accident or disease.

Having a facial difference can impede the basic functions a child needs to survive and grow, such as eating, hearing and vision. Patients not only have to deal with the physical effects of their condition, but the challenging emotional impact as well, which can often result in feelings of isolation, discrimination, and low self-esteem.

Your support has a direct impact on the work we do and the patients and families we help. Changing their faces – and transforming their lives – forever.

About myFace

myFace is a non-profit organization dedicated to changing the faces - and transforming the lives - of children and adults with facial differences. For nearly 70 years, myFace has worked with patients and families to provide multi-disciplinary, comprehensive care by funding medical, dental, speech, nutrition and psychosocial services.

myFace arranges complimentary flights through our Southwest Airlines’ Medical Transportation Grant Program and housing for out-of-town families in our myFace apartments to decrease the burden and expense of travel while their loved ones receive treatment.

myFace provides other important services such as access to patient and family support groups, workshops, webinars and networking opportunities that offer guidance, counsel and resources for our patients, families and the greater craniofacial community.

Because facial difference can impact the body and spirit so significantly, we always strive to educate others on the importance of empathy, celebrating uniqueness and always choosing to be kind through our public awareness efforts.

Learn more by visiting myFace.org