Races for Faces 2021

Past Races for Faces participants have found that fundraising is as easy as making a plan, telling your story, and simply asking your networks for support.

And we’ll help you! Use these tips below to successfully meet your goal, while raising awareness and support for people with a craniofacial condition.​

Getting Started

So you’ve set up your fundraiser and are ready to get going. What next? Here is a quick list of things you can do to start the process!

1 - Set a Fundraising Goal

Whether $200 or $2,000, fundraisers with set goals raise more money. It may feel challenging, but when communities come together, each of our small contributions adds to the whole.

By sharing your fundraising goal with your friends and families, we’re giving them an opportunity to be a part of our success. And who doesn’t like to feel part of something bigger than ourselves?

2 - Share Your Story

You don’t need to write a novel to share your story about why supporting people with craniofacial differences is important to you. Be sure to add a few paragraphs on your fundraising page explaining why you’re participating in Races for Faces.

You can talk about how having a craniofacial difference or knowing someone with a craniofacial condition has affected your life or loved ones. Or you can share about how you’re raising funds to provide critical resources to people with craniofacial conditions, or because you believe in a world where kindness prevails and you want to help get the myFace Wonder Project into every school nationwide.

Sharing your story and purpose helps motivate people to give.

3 - Add Photos & Video

Photos and videos help people connect with you and help them understand your story. You can share existing photos or create new ones specifically for your fundraiser. You can also record short videos that can help engage people as you tell your story, share your passion, and update folks on your fundraising progress.

4 - Plant Some Seeds

Use Folks are more likely to give to campaigns that already have a couple of donations, so before announcing your new fundraiser to the whole world, think of 3-5 people who would be very likely to support you, who you could ask to help seed your campaign.

You can contact them right after launching your fundraiser and even share with them that you’re hoping they’ll help get your campaign started before you reach out to others.

5 - Make a List

Think about everyone you know that you could reach out to (friends, family, co-workers, local businesses, local clubs and teams, your church, synagogue, mosque, etc). Consider whether you’re going to ask them for donations or if you want to recruit them to join your team and also fundraise. 

While general posts to social media and large group emails are helpful, folks will be more likely to donate to your fundraiser when you ask them directly. Consider using text messages and direct messaging on social media to reach out to folks directly, as well as sending personal emails, making a phone call, and even sending a letter in the mail which can be highly effective!

6 - Ask, then Ask Again

Remember, you’re not asking for money for yourself… you’re asking for donations to support myFace which helps people with craniofacial conditions to get surgery and support that transforms lives, and you’re asking for donations to help get the myFace Wonder Project into schools nationwide, so we can raise a kinder and more inclusive generation that supports people with craniofacial differences. 

And because not everyone sees everything we share; and because people get distracted; and because people forget -- we must ask and ask again. If you don’t hear back from someone you contacted, simply follow up with them again. Many fundraisers will find that a friendly reminder often helps get a response.

Connect Your Fundraiser to Facebook

One of the easiest and most effective ways to raise money is by simply connecting your fundraiser to Facebook, which will allow you to get donations directly on Facebook and count towards your Races for Faces fundraiser.

  • Log in to your Races for Faces fundraising page.
  • Click 'Manage My Page' under the menu in the top right corner.
  • Click 'Create a Facebook Fundraiser' on the left side of the screen.
  • Follow the instructions to connect your Facebook account.

7 - Raise Awareness

While direct, personal outreach is incredibly important to fundraising, so is raising awareness with our larger communities. Think about how you can use your personal social media networks to reach people more broadly, including those you may not be asking directly and friends of your friends who are supporting your fundraiser.

Here are some quick tips for using social media to raise awareness and fundraise:

Connect With Hashtags

Use hashtags when sharing your posts and pictures to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and/or Twitter. Hashtags help more people find your posts -- and they can help you find other fundraisers’ posts, too. Be sure to check out what other fundraisers are doing to get more ideas for your posts, and also to share some love with this amazing Races for Faces community.

Some hashtags you may wish to include in your posts are: #racesforfaces, #changingfaces, #transforminglives, #craniofacial, #cleft, #makeadifference #kindness

Importance of Tagging

Tagging your friends, family, and online community in your posts can help ensure they see them. You can also encourage them to share your message with their networks, too. We want to see how you’re getting the message out, so remember to tag myFace in your posts, as well!

8 - Share Updates on Your Progress

Updates on your fundraising progress are a great way to post about your effort and help keep people engaged. Not only is this a way of showing people they’re a part of your success, it also acts as a friendly reminder to those who have yet to donate..

9 - Don't Forget to Say "Thank You!"

Be sure to thank your supporters. It can be a quick phone call, or an email, or an old-fashioned thank-you note. Recognizing people’s generosity lets them know how much their support means to you and the impact they’re having.

10 - Ask For Help

Some of our past teams have had success asking their company or a local business to double the donations they raise. So if you raise $200 by Sunday, September 19, 2021, then the business would make a donation of an equal amount, doubling how much you’ve raised!

Finally, if you have any questions or need support during your fundraising, ask a close friend or family member for some support. Or, ask us! We’re here to help you and are available by emailing us at info@myface.org.