Races for Faces 2021

​Dear myFace Racers,

myFace is so thrilled to have you on board for Races for Faces - thank you for participating! Social media and online outreach can be amazing tools to help recruit team members, raise awareness, and increase donations. Here are 5 tips to strengthen your fundraising efforts through email and online outreach including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Let’s get started!

1. Storytelling is key. 

The best way to get people to support the cause is to speak from your heart and be specific. Let folks know why raising awareness and funds for the craniofacial community is important to YOU. Consider including pictures or videos for a personal touch.

2. Ask more than once! 

Chances are, you saw a post about Races for Faces multiple times before you signed up. That’s because we know it takes more than just one ask to inspire action. If you post different kinds of content to get people intrigued, posting about your participation often will help spread the word, and get more folks on board.

3. Record a video. 

One of the best ways to get people to listen is to...talk to them! You don’t need fancy equipment or a 10-minute video to catch the attention of your community. The key is to keep it short, sweet, and to the point. Your cell phone camera should do the trick; just find a place with good lighting and as little background noise as possible. You can try writing a script or a light outline, or just speak from the heart! Remember, you’re talking to your friends and family, so there is no need to be nervous.

4. Offer different ways to get involved.

Races for Faces makes it easy to participate by offering so many different ways to support, and so can you! If someone is too busy to join your team, try asking them to donate. If someone can’t donate, ask them if they’d be willing to share your social media posts. Any help is appreciated, and it’s important to let people know that no donation or gesture is too small. Just remind them to use our hashtags below!

5. Have fun!

At the end of the day, Races for Faces is about us coming together to celebrate, support, and raise awareness for the craniofacial community. While it’s helpful to have goals, and let others know why the work we do matters, it’s also important to enjoy yourself!

Remember to please include these hashtags at the end of your posts on any social media channel:

  • #RacesforFaces
  • #wearemyFace
  • #craniofacialawareness

Also, please remember to tag myFace so we can be sure to comment, like, and share on your behalf! You can find us on social media here:

  • Twitter: @thisis_myface
  • Instagram: @thisis_myface
  • Facebook: @myFaceFoundation
  • LinkedIn: @myface.org

Social Media Posts

Here are some examples of messages you could share on your social media pages to encourage others to sign up, donate, or share your efforts. Feel free to simply copy & paste these or edit them to fit your voice.

  • Hey everyone! As you know, I’ve always been a big fan of myFace, and all the work they’ve done to support me and Antonio. That’s why I’m giving back this year through Races for Faces, myFace’s annual fundraising event. My team’s name is Smile Central, and our goal is to raise $1,000! Antonio and I, pictured here, would be so grateful for your help. You can click the link below to make a donation [include link]. #RacesforFaces #wearemyFace #craniofacialawareness

  • Five years ago, myFace changed my and Kimberly’s life when they housed us in their free apartments while Kimberly underwent surgery. Staying at a hotel would have been too expensive for us. Kimberly and I are now raising money for myFace through their annual Races for Faces. Want to join us? Sign up to join Team K at [include link]]. #RacesforFaces #wearemyFace #craniofacialawareness

  • Jackson and I are SO CLOSE to reaching our goal of $5,000 for myFace! Donate to our Races for Faces page at [link] so we can help myFace continue to change the faces and transform the lives of those with facial differences, just like they did ours! #RacesforFaces #wearemyFace #craniofacialawareness

  • Races for Faces is myFace’s annual event to raise money and awareness for those with facial differences. Anyone who knows me knows that this is an issue near and dear to my heart – it would mean so much to me if you signed up to fundraise with me and Team Tuttle. We’re hoping to raise $25,000! Message me for more info, or sign up at [link] #RacesforFaces #wearemyFace #craniofacialawareness

  • myFace is the leading organization behind changing the faces and lives of people with facial differences. Please consider donating to my/my team’s fundraising page for their annual event Races for Faces at [link], it would mean a lot! If you can’t make a donation, sharing my post on your pages would be just as helpful! THANK YOU! #RacesforFaces #wearemyFace #craniofacialawareness

  • For 70 years, myFace has worked to change the faces - and transform the lives - of people with craniofacial conditions. Every single dollar raised through #RacesforFaces will help #myFace provide comprehensive care & support to #craniofacial patients and their families all across the country; giving them access to the best surgical and orthodontic treatment, speech therapy, psychosocial services, support groups, workshops, networking events and more. Join me in supporting this wonderful cause by donating to my team at [link]. Thank you! #wearemyFace #craniofacialawareness

Email Template

If you’re not on social media and would rather send an email - or if you want to send a personalized email to your network in addition to posting on social media (which we recommend) - please feel free to copy and paste the below or edit it to fit your voice:

Dear Friends,

I am reaching out to you today on behalf of an organization I feel very strongly about - myFace. For 70 years, this unique nonprofit has been dedicated to changing the faces – and transforming the lives – of children and adults with craniofacial differences. myFace’s biggest fundraiser and awareness event of the year - Races for Faces - is coming up soon, on Sunday, September 19th, 2021.

This year, I have started my own team - [INSERT TEAM NAME AND LINK TO YOUR FUNDRAISING PAGE]. I would love it if you could support my efforts by either joining my team or donating to it. Every single dollar raised for this event - by racers and their friends and families - will go towards helping myFace continue to provide comprehensive care and support to craniofacial patients and their families all across the country; giving them access to the best surgical and orthodontic treatment, speech therapy, psychosocial services, support groups, workshops, networking events, and more.

Please know that your support - whatever it may be - will have a direct impact on the work myFace does and the individuals and families they serve!

Thank you!


While using your own images can be a powerful way to promote the event, we wanted to make it easy for you every step of the way. Here are different types of assets (save the dates, inspirational quotes, and a carousel with important statistics on facial differences) that all can be used to help drive registration and donations. Simply right click and save the images below to use them for your own posts!

A Carousel Post

For the last image, select the option that makes most sense for you (example: support me or support my team):

Inspiring Quotes

Thank you all again so much for all of your help with fundraising and raising awareness for myFace and the work we do for the craniofacial community through Races for Faces!  If you need any help customizing your fundraising page or finalizing your outreach, please email Dina Zuckerberg at dina@myface.org. Let’s go, team!