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Join us for Raftoberfest! Your fun day on and off the Colorado River. This event will kick things off with floating down the Colorado river with the best reviewed rafting company in Colorado, White Water Rafting LLC. You will then be able to relax with a brewery tasting with at their boathouse. All proceeds from this event will benefit Epic Experience which serves the adult cancer community through community building and outdoor adventure camps. Get your tickets now before they run out!

From Whitewater Rafting LLC

"While information and protocols are changing rapidly, Whitewater Rafting llc is, as always, committed to providing the safest possible environment on and off the river. In that regard, we have diligently reviewed all of our current, best practice operating and safety procedures to ensure adherence to the latest CDC guidelines regarding sanitation of equipment and gear, disinfection of communal surfaces, and availability of hand washing stations or hand sanitizer throughout our facilities. In most cases, this just means doing a little bit extra of what we already do every day. We will continue to monitor these practices and CDC guidelines as the situation develops. We will, of course, comply with every aspect of government mandated curtailments and CDC recommendations. Having said that, we fully expect to operate and are preparing for our standard summer offerings. We firmly believe that getting out in the natural beauty of Colorado may just be the perfect way to relieve the stress of this crisis, spend time with your family in a safe environment, and begin the healing we’ll need as a society."


Starts at:  August 8, 2020 2:30 AM
Ends at:  August 8, 2020 8:30 PM


Whitewater Rafting, LLC
2000 Devereux Road
Glenwood Springs,CO 81601 USA


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