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This campaign is the first school-led initiative to recognize the long standing contributions that OLSH Theater Arts has brought to our students and our community. The funding of this initiative will not only bring our stage to the professional level of the performances which take place on it, but it will also serve to ensure that theater arts remain present and viable into the future. 

The FundRaise the Curtains project is a crowdfunding effort to help fund the portion of the campaign directly related to the refurbishment of the OLSH stage.  The cost of the stage project is approximately $60,000. Once we reach that goal, an additional $15,000 will create a school fund for the theatre department, which has been mainly self-funded since its inception in 1998.  

​We are excited to announce that an OLSH Family as agreed to match the first $100 gifts!! 

Help us to earn an extra $2500 by making a gift of $100 today!!

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About the Cause

This year's production of Bye, Bye, Birdie is the 25th OLSH Musical production under the direction of Dolores Manuel.  The stage hardware and curtains have been a part of all 25 of those productions, and date even further back than the 1998 production of Bye, Bye, Birdie!

Sadly, for the past three years, the damaged curtain rigging has not allowed our productions to include the opening or closing of any of the three layers of curtains.  Our goal is to provide our students with a stage that meets the high standards of the performances that utilize it!  This will give the production team back their ability to not only utilize the main curtain to kick off the opening number, but also to make use of mid-stage and upstage spaces for scenes and set changes. 

How Your Support Makes a Difference

Your support will go directly to funding a portion of the refurbishment!  Our goal is for this 25th production to be the last show with our current curtains. Or, in other words, it's to be the last show where the curtains are unable to function.  

EVERY gift makes a difference, and brings us closer to our overall goal of $75,000. Your gift will earn you an invitation to the new curtain unveiling which will take place in the summer of 2022!  

Donors of $100 or more will receive a memento at the unveiling event.

All donors of $1,000 or more will be invited to a cocktail reception prior to the unveiling.