Race To Beat Women’s Cancers 5K Run/Walk

Fundraising 101

The first step on your journey to being an incredibly successful fundraiser is to prepare. Think about how you’re going to fundraise, who you're going to ask to donate to this important cause, and why you're fundraising. 


Fundraising Tips

Whats your Goal?Think about how much you want to raise and set your personal fundraising goal today. On average, walkers that personalize their page raise $100. 

Be the First. Make the first donation and set the tone for your fundraising.   

Share your Link. Once you’ve created your fundraising page, send the link to family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors!  

Send a letter (mail or email). Write a personal note to family and friends sharing what our cause means to you, why you created a fundraising page, and encourage them to make a donation on your behalf.  

Matching Gifts Increase your gift with your company’s matching gift program. Spouse and retiree gifts also may be matched. Make your gift online and then ask your employer about your company’s gift match program. The information can be sent to:

Magee-Womens Research Institute & Foundation
ATTN: Karen Potter
3240 Craft Place, Suite 100
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Social Media Use social media to help get the word out about our 5K, share with others what this cause means to you and your family, and ask others to donate to your page. Be sure to tag @MageeWomens in your posts/stories and use the hashtag #RBWC21. 

And most importantly…HAVE FUN! 

Visit our FAQ page for answers to your Race to Beat Women’s Cancers questions. You may also contact Jenna Nypaver-Price at nypaverj@mwri.magee.edu or 724-415-9527.    

How to Increase your Fundraising

Day One: Show your commitment and contribute $25 of your own $25
Day Two: Ask your spouse or close friend for $25 $50
Day Three: Ask your doctor or dentist for $25 $75
Day Four: Ask a local merchant that you shop with frequently for $25 $100
Day Five: Ask another relative for $25 $125
Day Six: Ask a neighbor for $20 $145
Day Seven: Ask a friend who’s in a club or organization with you for $10 $155
Day Eight: Ask your hair stylist or barber for $10 $165
Day Nine: Ask a friend who has asked for your support in the past for $25 $190
Day Ten: Ask your dry cleaner or other similar service for $10 $200

Day One: Show your commitment and contribute $25 of your own $25
Day Two: Ask 2 doctors or dentists for $50 each $125
Day Three: Ask 4 family members for $25 each $225
Day Four: Ask 3 friends for $25 each $300
Day Five: Ask your supervisor for $25 $325
Day Six: Ask 2 local merchants for $25 each $375
Day Seven: Ask 3 neighbors for $15 each $420
Day Eight: Ask 2 co-workers for $10 each $440
Day Nine: Ask 3 people from church/temple/club for $10 each $470
Day Ten: Ask 3 friends of your parents to donate $10 each $500

Day One: Register yourself and make a $25 donation $50
Day Two: Ask 5 neighbors for $25 each $175
Day Three: Ask 5 colleagues for $25 each to join your team $300
Day Four: Ask 10 Facebook friends for $50 each $800
Day Five: Ask 2 local businesses for $100 each $1,000