Refuse To Abuse 5K® 2022

The course will take you all around T-Mobile Park with a final lap around the field! Please note, you will be going up and down the levels via ramps (no stairs). The course is USATF certified (certification #WA22012RMB). ​

We've made some changes to the course this year to comply with new safety and security protocols. For those of you who have participated multiple times, we think you'll love the change-up!

Course Outline

  • Start on the service road behind the Mariners Parking Garage
  • Enter T-Mobile Park via Door 6, left turn
  • Run through the player’s tunnel using the outside lane, left turn
  • Up right field ramp to main concourse
  • Run full length of main concourse using inside lane
  • U-turn to run back around main concourse using outside lane
  • Up right field ramp to view/300 level of T-Mobile Park
  • Run around view level to left field ramp entrance
  • Down left field ramp to suite level
  • Enter suite level and run to the right through hallway to skybridge
  • Upper skybridge over Edgar Martinez Drive to parking garage top level
  • Two counterclockwise laps around top level of parking garage starting on the outside lane
  • Down parking garage ramp to Level 5
  • 1.75 counterclockwise laps around level 5 of parking garage starting on the inside lane
  • Right turn onto the club level skybridge
  • Enter Club Skybridge and run left through hallway to the left field ramp
  • Down left field ramp to ground floor
  • Enter left field gate and turn right into player’s tunnel
  • Run through player’s tunnel using inside lane
  • Turn left through Door 6 onto the warning track
  • Turn left and run around the warning track
  • Finish line on the warning track down the 3rd base line
  • Walk through the bullpen and into the finishers' area