Race to Cure Sarcoma Louisville 2019

​RTCS Kid Zone

Sponsored by: Main Event

There will be many fun activities for kids at the Race to Cure Sarcoma, Louisville! Many thanks to Main Event for sponsoring our Kid Zone!

Lollipop Pull

Here's a sweet game of chance! Pull a lollipop from the stand - enjoy your delicious treat, and see if you've won an extra prize!

Tic-Tac-Toe Beanbag Toss

With these two favorite games combined, you'll need strategy - but also good aim! Loosen up that throwing arm and join in the fun!

Image of temporary tattoos property of Tattly.com

Temporary Tattoos

Try some body art with these easy-to-apply, temporary designs! They're cool, safe, and wash off with soap and water.

Roll a Color