Thank you to our Signature Sponsors

The Swimmers for a Saline Solution (SSS) is a group of passionate members who have stepped forward to raise money to convert the Riverdale Y pool back to a saline UV system.

The Y pool used to operate on a saline-UV filtration system. Due to a costly mechanical failure, the Y has been forced to revert to a standard chlorine system. Swimmers for a Saline Solution (SSS), as their name suggests, want to bring back the salt. Saline pools are less harsh on skin, hair, and clothes. If you're in the pool on a daily basis you certainly experience the difference. SSS is on a mission to raise the $30,000 needed to install a brand new saline system in the pool they love, at their favorite community center.

Please support SSS on their mission by making a donation today.

Cyrilene initiated this whole movement with a generous give and heartfelt ask