22 2 None

22 2 None was created to rally together in hopes of keeping our brothers and sisters in arms safe, and to lend a hand, an ear, or even a shoulder when needed without judgement. Our mission is to stop the inconceivable number of veterans who take their own lives by reaching out, searching for, and supporting those who have sacrificed themselves both physically and mentally for this country, and now fight a daily inner battle with demons no one can see.​

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Good Gaali

Good Gaali uses the power of the bicycle to bring God’s love to the people of Uganda. In Uganda, an acute shortage of healthcare workers necessitates that hospitalized patients be care for by untrained and ill-equipped family members - euphemistically called “Patient Attendants.” Through training, provision of basic supplies, and the good news of the gospel, Good Gaali comes alongside these unsung heroes to help achieve a better outcome for their patients.
Through our participation in Swingshift, Good Gaali is focusing on providing reusable cloth diapers to the women of the maternity, neonatal, and pediatric wards at the Kabale Regional Referral Hospital where we work. 

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Grand Traverse Dyslexia Association

Grand Traverse Dyslexia Association has been serving the greater Grand Traverse area since 1985. We change the trajectory of students’ lives by building their confidence, giving them a skill set for reading, writing, and spelling, and celebrating their unique strengths as people with dyslexia. Our dedicated tutors are specifically trained in the Orton-Gillingham Method. This program focuses on the individual needs of each student. Some students would never learn to read, write, and spell any other way. Thank you for your support. Your donation opens their world to endless possibilities.

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Thank you to our Signature Sponsors

SwingShift and the Stars was conceived in 2008 by Judy Harrison – President and Owner of Community Impact Partners – who was compelled to create an event that would combine two of her passions: music and philanthropy.  Having attended many community fundraisers, she saw an opportunity to reintroduce some FUN into these events and make them an irresistible experience for donors and sponsors. As technology seeks to streamline all facets of life, Judy and her team also recognized the need to help the community build and maintain relationships in a tangible way. By combining a healthy dose of good-natured competition with an affordable opportunity for nonprofits to educate the community about their mission and local businesses to support them in sustainable ways– SwingShift and the Stars was born!​

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With all the changes in the world since we last hosted a season, we want all donors, watchers and lovers-of-community to feel safe and engaged as they participate in SwingShift and the Stars.  Maybe you're able (and lucky enough) to watch this season's events in person on Sept 16, 17, Nov 4 or 5. OR, we cordially invite you to watch our professionally produced recap/behind-the-scenes streaming of:

SwingShift and the Stars: Beyond the competition

Watch Ballroom dances on any of these dates:

 -October 7 @ 6pm             -October 21 @ 6pm

-October 8 @ 6pm            -October 22 @ 6pm

-October 9 @ 2pm            -October 23 @ 2pm

Watch Lip Sync performances on any of these dates:

-November 18 @ 6pm             -December 2 @ 6pm

-November 19 @ 6pm             -December 3 @ 6pm

-November 20 @ 2pm              -December 4 @ 2pm