About South Central Region Event

Celebrate Independence in Amarillo, Texas

Join us to learn about Canine Companions’ life-changing mission, meet the local community of graduate teams, volunteers and supporters, and learn how you can get involved.

Thursday, July 14 ​
5:30 – 7:30 p.m.
AmTech Building of AISD
3601 Plains Blvd, Amarillo, TX 79102

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Canine Companions is leading the service dog industry so our clients and their dogs can live with greater independence. Your support will directly impact the lives of children, adults and veterans with disabilities, providing enhanced independence and confidence through expertly trained service dogs.

Canine Companions service dogs are trained in more than 40 commands, including retrieving dropped items, opening and closing doors, turning on and off lights, and so much more. They become their handlers’ partners and best friends. This gift of independence is provided at no cost to our clients, thanks to supporters like you.


Starts at:  July 14, 2022 5:30 PM
Ends at:  July 14, 2022 7:30 PM




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Stories of Independence

Oliver with Service Dog Ziti

When 10-year-old Oliver was matched with Canine Companions Service Dog Ziti, he found enhanced independence, confidence and a whole lot of love.

Oliver was born with a disability and uses a manual wheelchair to get around. Service Dog Ziti is expertly trained in more than 40 commands to help Oliver with daily tasks both in the home and in public, helping provide the independence that every child desires.

“Sometimes it’s hard for Oliver to get items from one end of the house to the other,” Lacy, Oliver’s mom, says. “Ziti helps tug a box with those items wherever he needs it. Not only does it make things easier for Oliver, but Ziti gets so excited to do his job!”

Ziti also helps retrieve items for Oliver, like his shoes or a dropped pencil while he is doing schoolwork. Oliver shares, “Having Ziti to pick up things I drop and knowing that he loves helping me has been awesome!”

Out in public, Ziti has become the center of attention, allowing Oliver to feel more confident and breaking down barriers. He also is a welcomed distraction during stressful doctor visits and therapies.

Oliver’s dad, Stephen, shares, “It was love at first sight.”

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Rodney with Service Dog Novella

Rodney Sparks served in the United States Army for 20 years. He has experienced lasting effects including a diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder, impacting his daily life.

While the adjustment to civilian life was tough, Rodney found hope through Canine Companions when he received Service Dog Novella completely free of charge. Novella spent two years training for this important role. She is expertly trained in specific tasks to mitigate the symptoms of PTSD including turning on lights, creating a buffer in public, and anxiety and nightmare interruption.

“She does nightmare interruptions,” says Rodney. “If I’m sleeping and start to kick or move, she’ll pull the covers or jump on the bed.”

Novella was specially matched with Rodney and has been life changing. “The adjustment to civilian life was tough,” shares Rodney. “Novella gives me a reason to get up. I’m just happier."

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