Looking for a meaningful & fun way to give back as a team?

Shower Strike is Well Aware’s most popular, powerful fundraising campaign. Every year, thousands of people across the world unite for one week to raise awareness of the global water crisis and raise funds to provide more deserving people with lasting clean water.  As a company, there are several ways to get involved -- we're flexible to whatever works best for your organizational structure, size, and goals! Most companies form teams within the company for some friendly fundraising competition, but there is also the option of participating as one team company-wide.


"We raised over $12,000... I received so much positive feedback from my employees, saying it was the most convenient and fun way to give back."

- Affinipay Team Leader


What Shower Striker Offers:

Friendly Competition & Team-Building

What better way to get your employees engaged, build camaraderie, and making giving back fun? This campaign makes it easy to engage your company in meaningful impact that your employees will rave about for years to come. You can create one team across your company, or build several teams to promote a fun competition.

Want to challenge another company? You can also do that! Email us to discuss ideas for competitions.

Quantifiable CSR Impact

Every $15 raised helps 1 person gain access to lasting clean water. That's a tangible impact you can report back to your stakeholders. Plus, we provide you with high quality content to communicate your results, and share with employees or customers alike.

Positive Philanthropic Brand Reputation

Not only does Shower Strike help build a philanthropic mindset internally, but it also will develop a positive brand reputation within your broader external community and the minds of your customers. Our team will work closely with you to identify custom awareness opportunities and communication strategies to promote your company's efforts.

Connecting Local & Global Issues

Water is something everyone needs and the global water crisis is becoming more and more prevalent in our everyday lives, even in places like the U.S.

Employee Matching & Sponsorships

Further encourage your employees by becoming a Shower Strike sponsor or matching your employee's efforts. Your company's financial contribution will amplify your brand's involvement and solidify your commitment to the cause.

Sponsorship Options


​Special Thank You To Our Current Sponsors

Participation Options:


Skip showers starting on April 20th, until you meet my fundraising goal.


You can't skip showers, but you will walk for water starting on April 20th, until you meet my fundraising goal.


You can’t skip showers or walk for water BUT you want to help raise awareness and funds for clean water projects


"Partnering with Well Aware has been a great opportunity for our brand."

Spectrum Brands had 98 participants in across 20 teams in 2019, raising a total of $128,000 for lasting clean water projects, including a company employee matched. We received positive feedback from across their company, even up to their CEO, of the impact it has had on employee morale/culture as well as brand reputation.

"The Well Aware team brings the same passion that they have for empowering communities through access to clean water to their work with their corporate partners. They have been very transparent, flexible, and responsive, allowing us to collaborate on where and how our donations are used... It is very valuable to be able to tell the story of the actual people and communities that we are impacting through our donations. Well Aware understands that need and gives us every opportunity to do so.”  - John Fox, Partnership Lead at Spectrum Brands


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