​Impact Stories

It's incredibly powerful to be able to show some of the individual people that Well Aware's water projects impact, and to hear specifically about what clean water means to them. Every story is important and meaningful, but we've picked out a few special stories for you to use in your outreach to amplify fundraising. 

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1) Peter, 45, Cheptoroi, Kenya

Facebook or Instagram post:

This is Peter. Peter works as a school guard for the Cheptoroi Primary School, helping to protect and serve over 600 students. He is a father of five, whose biggest concern is drought because of the water scarcity it brings.

With limited water, grass does not grow, so he couldn’t feed his cattle or his family. Peter is also worried about the lack and quality of hospitals in the area. His greatest goal is to see his kids finish school.

Previously, his wife collected water from a river that is dirty and dried up seasonally, leaving them without a reliable water source. Peter’s kids often fell sick from the water collected.

Now, thanks to your support, Peter and his family no longer have to worry about where to collect water. Their community has a new, sustainable well, and they no longer have to rely on unsafe sources.

“I feel like a human being now. I have water, which is a basic human right.”

Photos of Peter: for Instagram and Facebook

2) Rose, 13, Njoguini Primary School, Laikipia County, Kenya

Rose’s chores at home are fetching water, gathering firewood and grazing livestock. She and her siblings used to walk four kilometers to fetch water daily. The water was not clean and her family often fell sick from it, but they didn’t have another reliable water source. Sometimes, they even had to move settlements based on access to water.

Now, because of your support, Rose has a reliable, plentiful source of clean water near her school and her home.

“Water means life. Reliable access to clean water will change our lives. We will be healthier because it will reduce waterborne disease, help cleanliness, and also support irrigation.”

Photos of Rose for Instagram and Facebook.

3) Mama C. (her preferred nickname), Kithoka, Kenya

“Because of the water, I’ve been able to grow all of this! I have pumpkins, arrowroot, lemongrass, lentils, beans, tomatoes and grain for my kitchen. I can’t sleep hungry now and it’s saving me money! I eat, I store and they’re still growing. I’m so happy.”

Photos of Mama C. for Instagram (option 2) and Facebook (option 2).

4) Elizabeth, Cheptoroi, Kenya

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Meet Elizabeth! 👋 She’s a 13 year old girl, who loves reading and traveling. At home, she washes clothes, sweeps, and washes the utensils. She walks 1 kilometer to school where she loves to learn about math. Elizabeth hopes to one day be a nurse. Her family often moves around to access water.

Her favorite thing about her community is they all stay loyal to each other. The water she fetches is rationed between her family members. She says she gets treated differently than her brothers, and does not have all the supplies she needs during menstruation. Elizabeth believes water is life, and keeps her healthy. She is so happy to see the new well completed, and she now looks forward to continuing her education.

“My fear is to meet a boy who will tell me to stop reading… I want to read more books, become a nurse, treat people, and prove my talent. To me, water is just like life.”

Photos of Elizabeth for Instagram and Facebook.