Get Involved as an Individual

Shower Strike is a great opportunity for you to make a big difference in a short time! By raising awareness of global water issues and raising funds for clean water projects, you will transform the lives of many in our East African partner communities.

How can I participate?

You can participate as an individual or as part of a team. And - we make it easy for you! We provide you with all the support, resources, and love you need to raise life-changing funds easily and have a successful #ShowerStrike.


And, because we know that skipping showers isn't always an option, we have a couple of great alternatives. Below you'll find the Registration Options and what each entails.


I will skip showers starting on April 20th, until I meet my fundraising goal.

In communities where clean water is not a reality, a shower is often a luxury.

That’s why, for the past 13 years, thousands of advocates have joined us to Skip Showers for one week -- reducing their water usage, getting dirty for the cause, and putting themselves in the shoes of those who lack this vital resource.  Plus, in a world where many of us spend more time at home than ever before, we’re willing to bet you may be taking fewer showers than you would in normal times. So, why not skip showers for a good cause?

Once Shower Strike kicks off (April 20-26), you’ll commit to skipping showers for a week, or until you reach your fundraising goal -- whichever comes first! Don't worry, we have some tips for how to stay clean while showering (enter bucket baths, swimming, dry shampoo...).


I can’t skip showers, but I will walk for water starting on April 20th, until I meet my fundraising goal.

Individuals in East Africa without access to reliable clean water walk an average of 3.6 miles to fetch water (sometimes daily). They usually use jerrycans, which can weigh up to 40 pounds when full. Most of the time, this water is dirty and comes from unsafe sources, such as rivers or streams.

So, put yourself in the shoes of those you are fundraising for & “Walk for Water” daily during Shower Strike (April 20-26). Simply grab a bucket of water, a gallon, a jerrycan, or a water bottle -- and head outside each day. You can walk around the block, walk to the nearest body of water, or even go for the full 3 miles. Whatever you choose, this fundraising option helps you catch a glimpse of what it is like to have to “Walk for Water” daily. 


I can’t skip showers or walk for water BUT I want to help raise awareness and funds for clean water projects.

Can’t skip showers, or walk for water, but still want to make an impact through clean water?

You can always choose “Just Fundraise” to join us in raising awareness and funds. You can get creative and make up your own fundraising activities (such as a run, bake sale, or skills-based activity), or keep it simple with no activities! Simply set up your page, edit your message to share what you’ll be doing, and get to work inviting your network to contribute! We're happy to help you brainstorm along the way.

Alright, I'm ready to join. Where do I start?

1. Register

Let us know if you want to Skip Showers, Walk for Water, or Just Fundraise. Although you definitely can go it alone,  we recommend you recruit some fellow changemakers to join you! Getting others involved -- friends, family, coworkers, neighbors -- is a great way to promote friendly competition and put a little more fun into fundraising. Don't worry, you can always join or start a team later on. REGISTER HERE.

2. Set Your Fundraising Goal

We recommend $1,000, but you can set any level you like. Most people are surprised by how much they can raise, so we always suggest you aim high!

3. Set Up Your Page

Add a photo & tell people why you’re joining the Strike. This helps make the fundraiser unique to you and shows your network why they should support your efforts.

4. Start FUNdraising

Shower Strike officially kicks off on April 20th, 2022, but we won’t mind if you get a head start! Once the week kicks off, the idea is to skip showers (or walk for water) until you reach your fundraising goal.

5. Celebrate When You Crush Your Goal

You may reach it before Shower Strike kicks off on April 20th, or you may make it all the way to Day 7 on April 26th! Either way, once you reach your goal, take a shower, jump in a pool, take a self-care day and celebrate your hard work. Don't worry -- we have prizes and some special things planned to help you recognize the good you affected in the world.

Striker Testimonials

(Mary Elizabeth Ellis, Striker Since 2015)

Cody, Striker Since 2012:

“It's not that often that you can do something that's so easy and does so much good. I love not having to shower! And thinking about how the money we raise will help so many people in need of clean water. My advice on a workaround to current Strikers… Swimming doesn't count!”

Maddie, Striker Since 2017:

“I started volunteering at Well Aware in 2016 and have fallen in love with Well Aware's mission and the people behind the cause and their passion for the water initiative. I joined Shower Strike to do my part in providing clean water to those in need. I raised $1,110 in 3 days! It was amazing. I loved seeing how generous people can be. I used social media to educate my followers on the cause. Without even asking for their donation, my friends, families and even strangers felt compelled to participate in the fundraising. Tips for new Shower Strikers: show your passion for the cause and people will respond.”




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