Support for SIVs & Families

About Combined Arms

Combined Arms (CAX) is a disruptive backbone organization on a mission to accelerate the impact of veterans while fundamentally redesigning the military transition process through innovation and collaboration.  Combined Arms streamlines the connection between veterans and military-connected individuals and the organizations that serve them, helping our clients not only find necessary resources but also connect directly with service-providers faster.

Combined Arms is a one-stop resource for veterans in transition. Through a collaborative effort with our 160+ member organizations, we offer holistic support in a customized and efficient way. If you are a transitioning veteran checking out of your unit, CLICK HERE to check into ours.

For more information about Combined Arms, a federally approved 501(c)3 charitable organization, or to learn how you can get involved with our mission accelerating the impact of veterans in your community, contact Bryan Escobedo at


SIVs & families successfully arriving in the US

The recent catastrophic events in Afghanistan have created dire, emergency situations for all SIVs & families. Countless, dedicated organizations, including Combined Arms, are working tirelessly to bring these families home to the United States, a promise made by the very government that is failing these families now. The journey has been cluttered with endless, unnecessary, and cruel delays brought on by "clerical" errors, administrative & bureaucratic red-tape, and residing at the bottom of the list of priorities in the 20-year war. The United States military continues to provide life-saving measures and protection for the interpreters who served our country faithfully and with essential, boundless bravery once that service ended. As this dangerous series of events continues to unfold, there is tremendous uncertainty for the SIVs and their families while still waiting to be evacuated from Afghanistan. But the work to provide safe travel continues......

Coming to a new country under ideal circumstances is challenging; this situation is unfathomable. But you can make a difference once these families are safely in the United States and in the Greater Houston area! Every dollar donated and item chosen will go directly to the SIVs & their families that arrive in Houston, as the resettlement process begins for these new Americans.