About Mustaches for Men’s Health

Grow a Mustache to Support the St. John's Hospital Foundation Men's Health Fund

This fund is designed to provide support to men in our community who: 

     • Are in need of preventative health services but cannot afford them 
     • Need support for travel to medical treatments
     • Need financial support for childcare, groceries, medicine, while in active treatment

Supported requests include prostate and other screenings, annual wellness checkups, travel expenses for medical care, medication, and other areas of men's health care. 

Get Started...Grow a Mo, Save a Bro

Each participant is encouraged to set a fundraising goal of $100 or more in support of the Men’s Health Fund. It’s easy! Share your fundraising page with friends, family, and colleagues and document your progress on social media.

We’ve compiled a Mustaches for Men’s Health Toolkit you can use with pre-written posts, images, and more to help you get the word out about your page. After all, this is a competition! 

Don’t forget to use #SJMCSTACHE and follow and tag us on Instagram and Facebook.

May the Best Mustache Win! 

Join together for a friendly competition. Embrace your mustache because the top fundraisers will be entered into a grand prize raffle for a $250 gift card. Prizes will be awarded to the organization and individuals with the most funds raised overall and to the best mustache!  

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Once registered, each participant must begin the 1st of November with a clean shaven face. ​


For the entire month of November, each participant must grow and groom a mustache. Don't forget to snap a selfie of your stubble and share your progress pictures on your page. 


Use the power of the mustache to start conversations about the campaign, the St. John's Hospital Foundation Men's Health Fund, and the importance of preventative screenings/annual check ups. Invite friends, co-workers, and family members to make a donation in their honor to the Men's Health Fund. 


You don't have to grow to save a bro! There are many ways to get involved. Tell your friends how the Men's Health Fund helps members in our community, grow a mustache to bring awareness to Men's Health, make a gift in support of your co-workers who are participating, post photos to social media of your mustache progress, use the hashtag #SJMCstache, and talk about the importance of screenings and annual check ups.   


Can't show up to Thanksgiving with your stache? Document your growing process and you will be able to participate for awards at the December 2nd celebration. 

Shave the Date!

Join us to celebrate Mustaches for Men's Health with an open house on Monday, December 2nd from 4-5 pm in the Wellness Flex Space at St. John's Medical Center. 

Prizes will be awarded for the best mustaches and most funds raised! Stop by for delicious treats, photo opportunities, and awards. 

Thank you to our Sponsors