Research Updates from Our Benson Fellows

About Research Updates from Our Benson Fellows

The Benson Fellows are researchers who were awarded the Benson Fellowship Grant from the Foundation. The Benson Fellowship Grant is a 3-year grant to study GBS, CIDP, MMN, or related conditions. In this webinar, we will be chatting with 2 of our previous grant recipients to hear all about their work, the state of the research world for GBS, CIDP, and MMN, and what the future may hold for research. Speakers are Dr. Elba Pascual Goni and Dr. Ruth Huizinga.

Who Should Attend?
All patients and their families will benefit from hearing the updates from the research community. This conversation will focus heavily on the basic science research and how it has advanced; clinical trials and other potential future treatment options are not the focus of this conversation. The Speakers also can not answer specific medical questions.