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About Step Up for Down Syndrome "Virtual Challenge"


Starts at:  June 18, 2021 3:46 PM
Ends at:  June 18, 2021 3:46 PM




No Matter Where You Are in the World...You Can Step Up for Down Syndrome!

Since the arrival of COVID-19, DSG has been evaluating how to safely host our fundraising events while trying to navigate so many uncertainties. One thing is for sure, we WILL come together to celebrate your loved one with Down syndrome! To ensure participation opportunities for various comfort levels, we created our #StepUpChallenge this year!

The Virtual #StepUpChallenge is your family’s opportunity to Step Up For Down Syndrome—through whatever activity you enjoy most, from any location! In fact, your cousin in Colorado can “Step Up” to the Challenge through a 1-hour hike in the mountains, while your family “Steps Up” by taking a 30-minute walk through your neighborhood—while sporting your 2020 Walk shirts, of course! This is the “Choose Your Own Adventure” event that everyone will enjoy! 

No matter where we are on October 24th, we will ALL be Stepping Up to the Challenge together!

Why This Challenge Matters

A Pandemic WILL NOT Stop Us from Celebrating Your Loved One With Down Syndrome!

​The goal is to rally your troops and get them to "Step Up" to the Challenge through an activity of their choice in support of Down syndrome! Tell them to share far and wide why they are participating in the #StepUpChallenge on Oct. 24th! Here are a few other things you can share with them about DSG:

  • Our Mission is Growing: your past support has helped our dream to serve people with Down syndrome—of all ages—come true! As we expand with our new Lifelong Learning Campus, we will now have the space to offer services tailored to each stage of life, from birth through late adulthood.
  • You’ve Always Stepped Up: our mission needs your support now, more than ever! With the challenges non-profits are facing during this global pandemic, your support will have a direct impact on the people we serve now—and into the future!
  • This is an Opportunity to make a Lifelong Impact: the lasting impact of your support will help us expand our services. Soon we will have the space to host therapeutic playgroups, dedicated teletherapy rooms, and more! We will have ample room for our Adult program and social enterprises, such as a coffee shop for our teens and adults to practice the skills they learn in our programs.
  • About the Cause

    The Down Syndrome Guild of Greater Kansas City (DSG) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization serving nearly 1,500 individuals with Down syndrome through comprehensive, individualized therapeutic services, educational programming, and support resources. DSG not only serves the individual with Down syndrome, but also their families and caregivers.