Johnny's Ambassadors 2022 #StopDabbing Walk

COLORADO - Johnny's Ambassadors Highlands Ranch


Johnny's Ambassadors #StopDabbing Walk - Saving Our Youth from the Harms of Marijuana

Hi, we're John and Laura Stack, Johnny's mom and dad.

On November 20, 2019, we suddenly acquired the undesired wisdom of knowing what it’s like to lose one’s child, when our 19-year-old son, Johnny, died by suicide. Johnny had used high potency THC marijuana dabs for several years. As a result, he suffered from cannabis induced psychosis with delusional thinking and ended his life. Soon after Johnny died, we filed for and received 501c3 nonprofit status for Johnny’s Ambassadors, Inc., with a mission to educate parents and teens about the risks of suicide from today’s high-THC marijuana (and other drugs and mental health challenges). Many people don't understand how different the marijuana is today from when they were kids and believe it's medical and safe, which isn't true for young teens whose brains are still forming. 

Thanks to our sponsors from Overpass Productions, we will be LIVESTREAMING our event around the country! You can watch on any device at 

What's the plan?

  • The event will be emceed by KMGH-TV, Channel 7 reporter, Tony Kovaleski!
  • Founder & CEO, Laura Stack, will kick off with "Top Ten Teen Toking Tip-offs"
  • You'll hear from Douglas County Sheriff, Tony Spurlock, on the problems he's seen with youth marijuana use in Colorado. 
  • Sean Kennan, a father whose son is currently struggling with Cannabis-Induced Psychosis, will tell his story.
  • Ethan Andrew, a 23-year-old who experienced Cannabis-Induced Psychosis, will speak about his experience and passion to keep youth from using marijuana!
  • Our friends from Freeway Ford will be out with an amazing Ford truck for you to climb in.
  • Bring a picture of your loved one if you are an impacted friend or family member.
  • We will symbolically walk 4 laps around the park together (1 mile)

We hope to help other teens, parents, grandparents, teachers (and frankly all adults with teens in their lives) by honestly and boldly sharing Johnny’s story of his suicide from mental illness and high-potency marijuana use, so we can save other teens and keep them from following his path. Three days before he died, Johnny said, "Marijuana has ruined my mind and my life." 

COLORADO - Johnny's Ambassadors Highlands Ranch