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The needs of patients of all ages continues to evolve as longer lives also require attention to a lifestyle that empowers people with the ability to balance both physical and mental well being. Since 2007, the CFLF has awarded more than $800,000 in the form of CF Recreation Grants, and supported the community with activities and additional programs, like STROLO U, that have developed through the COVID quarantine.

Your support of this program is greatly appreciated

The CFLF began a series of online activities, exercises and classes to provide the opportunity to build community and learning through healthy activities. As this program has evolved into STROLO University (STROLO-U), the development of up to eight week semesters in the Spring and Fall have been shaped into concentrated curriculum areas of focus. This program invites healthcare providers, industry partners, patients and interested community members to attend, lead or watch classes throughout the semester. Most classes are broadcast on Facebook live with viewership peaking more than 50k views. This program is an optimal opportunity for the CFLF to engage with partner nonprofits and sponsor companies.