Stuff the Bus 2022 supporting Crayons to Classrooms
Stuff the Bus 2022

About Stuff the Bus 2022

Join Crayons to Classrooms annual supply drive to equip teacher and students!

Each summer, Crayons to Classrooms partners with the community to host hundreds of school supply drives and equip students in need.
WHY: 83% of the students served through Crayons to Classrooms are identified as low-income, and according to local teachers, 75% of their students lack the supplies they need to succeed in the classroom.

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE: We invite everyone to join — individuals, businesses, faith groups, civic groups, neighborhoods, sports teams, etc. This year’s drive will include a friendly competition and we encourage you to challenge other departments, businesses and groups.

WHEN: Stuff the Bus will run from July 1 – August 31, 2022.

WHERE: Host your drive in person or virtually. Your support will help prepare 46,000 students and their teachers in our region for the upcoming school year.


Starts at:  June 30, 2022 11:00 PM
Ends at:  August 30, 2022 11:00 PM




Why Participate?

75% of local students lack supplies needed to succeed.

There are significant inequities in education for low-income students. The opportunity gap is the disparity in access to the resources needed for all children to be academically successful. 

Within the 119 schools served by Crayons to Classrooms, approximately 83% of the students are identified as low-income, and according to local teachers, 75% of their students lack the supplies they need to succeed in the classroom.

When students have basic school supplies, their grades go up, their confidence increases, and their attitudes toward learning improve.

Stuff the Bus is one way to support a more equitable classroom.  When you donate to Crayons to Classrooms, you are helping provide these basic school supplies.

10 Supplies Most Needed

•    pencils
•    crayons
•    colored pencils
•    markers
•    highlighters                     
•    dry erase markers
•    one subject notebooks
•    glue sticks
•    kids scissors
•    pencil sharpeners

How Your Support Makes a Difference

Access to supplies creates a more equal learning environment.

By supporting Stuff the Bus, you are filling underfunded classrooms with needed supplies so students are prepared for learning. Crayons to Classrooms serves teachers and students at 119 schools in the Miami Valley. During the 2021-2022 school year, we distributed $3.1 million of pencils, notebooks, and other needed supplies.

In a recent Kids in Need Foundation teacher survey, 96% of teachers who responded said access to free school supplies is very important or even critical to daily classroom activities.

In the same survey, 96% of teachers also said access to school supplies has enabled them to create a more equal learning environment where students are prepared to learn.

Crayons to Classrooms makes your donation go further.  Thanks to our network of supply chain partners, every $1 donated to Crayons to Classrooms results in $7 worth of school supplies given to teachers and students.

Thank you for your support!