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Bradley Angle

Bradley Angle's Board Chair

Our current board chair is Angela Frazier. Angela's mother Tami Best was a victim of domestic violence who decided that suicide was the only escape from the abuse she was suffering from. 

Bradley Angle's second shelter is named after her, to remind ourselves of who we serve. Our staff puts people affected by domestic violence at the center of everything that we do. 

Help us to provide support and hope, and to empower survivors and their families, particularly those in marginalized communities to rebuild a future that Tami had given up on for herself.

Executive director Bri Condon

In a recent year prior to the pandemic, it was estimated that 28,000 women in Multnomah County, 1 in 7, experienced domestic violence (DV). In a single year. Pre-COVID. And rates are even higher for BIPOC survivors.

As Bradley Angle's executive director explains in the video on the left, DV is often the underlying cause of more widely reported problems:

  • Homelessness
  • Suicide
  • Shootings

This is why your support for our mission can make a cascading impact on the wellbeing our local community.

A client tells her story

Bradley Angle puts the survivor at the center of our work. Our services may begin with a safety plan and shelter if needed. We then help with healing the survivor, educating them about healthy relationships, providing group support and counseling, help with housing, and job and financial services to empower them economically.

One of the survivors we served this past year sent us an unsolicited video message describing her experience. She and her three children are currently safely housed, and she has started her own salon. We invite you to watch the clip on the right and celebrate her journey.

Campaign made possible by these generous sponsors

Everyone deserves to live free of abuse yet domestic violence is as prevalent today as when we opened the first shelter on the West Coast in 1975. In fact, rates of abuse soared during the pandemic. We've continued to offer shelter and support services but due to safety considerations, our annual fundraiser is again taking place virtually.

We help all who come to us, with tailored services for LGBTQ+ and Black & African American survivors who have compounded stressors and increased obstacles to resources. We cannot do our work without you. Your donation is a seed that sprouts to transform the lives of those we serve. 

There are many ways to support our campaign:

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