Teal Revolution 2021 Virtual 5K supporting The Clearity Foundation
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About Teal Revolution 2021 Virtual 5K

The Clearity Foundation believes it will take a revolution to change outcomes for women with ovarian cancer. That's why we launched Teal Revolution last year to raise funds and collaborate to support Teal Women everywhere.  And today we are launching Teal Revolution 2021 Virtual 5K!  

Join us Saturday, May 22 at 3PM PDT/6PM EDT for the Teal Revolution Celebration!

Click the link to watch the celebration: TealRevolution2021.com

Teal Revolution Celebration emcee Karen Mills will announce the winners of our challenges—Top Individual Fundraiser, Social Media Influencer, Activity Leader and Top Fundraising Team of the Year! We will also be sharing your photos and videos as part of the celebration, so send them in today!

You will also be welcomed to view and listen to our Teal Revolution educational series.

Featuring insightful video conversations around ovarian cancer, including:

  • Clearity Founder Laura Shawver, PhD and Clearity Scientific Director Deborah Zajchowski, PhD talking about the latest in OC treatments
  • Susan Hess, MA, Steps Through OC Director and her team discussing the importance of support through an OC diagnosis and journey
  • Comic and OC Survivor Karen Mills sharing her special humor and her thoughts on keeping a sense of humor during difficult times

As well as a new program, Clearity’s Cancer Connections podcast, launching during Teal Revolution. This is an introduction to a new space we’ve designed featuring the kinds of conversations that are often needed when facing a cancer diagnosis. We’ll be sitting down with scientists, doctors, advocates, and patients for discussions that are thought-provoking, empowering and fact-based. We won’t have all of the answers, but we hope you’ll come away with some important perspectives that may make the cancer journey more manageable, whether you or someone you care about has been diagnosed. 

Episode #1 available 5/10 "Stress and Cancer", an interview with Gabor Mate, MD

Episode #2 available 5/14 "Palliative Care and Death Anxiety", an interview with BJ Miller, MD

Episode #3 available 5/21 "Exceptional Responders - What do they teach us?"
                                                    an interview with Jeff Rediger, MD

Thank you to Alkermes, generous sponsor of the Teal Revolution educational series!


Thank you for joining the TEAL REVOLUTION! 


Starts at:  May 22, 2021 2:00 AM
Ends at:  May 23, 2021 2:00 AM




Suzie Sylvester

Why Participate?

Ovarian cancer continues to be the deadliest of women's cancers, and Clearity strives to change that fact. Women tell us they felt like a speck of teal in a sea of pink, but that we have helped them to feel heard and seen.

Join the Teal Revolution and help Teal Women everywhere be seen and heard through their ovarian cancer journeys. Funding raised during this event support Clearity's life-affirming programs and services...all provided at no cost to our participants.

Thank you for joining Teal Revolution!

Thanks to our generous sponsors