Teal Revolution 2021 Virtual 5K

What is a virtual 5K?

It is whatever you'd like it to be! Run a marathon? AWESOME! Walk your dog? EXCELLENT! Wander around your backyard? RIGHT ON! This event is about showing you care about women facing ovarian cancer, raising awareness through your social media efforts and raising funds to make a difference.

When will the event take place?

Teal Revolution is a virtual event that will culminate on Saturday, May 22. You can participate at any time from now to then.

Is there a charge to register?

Registration is free. We do encourage you to create your personal fundraising page, solicit donations and ask your friends and family to join you.

Will you be tracking my physical activity?

No, but you can through our partner, Strava, developer of a free fitness tracking app. Follow the link to learn more. Connect Strava

Are there prizes? 

Yes, there are fun fundraising incentives when you reach the $100 and $1,000 levels. We will also recognize those who lead other measures, such as activity level, social media reach and more. Our top ranking participants will be getting extra special treatment and be honored on social media and throughout the year on our website, so be sure to watch for details to come.

Can I join other walks and runs and support Clearity?

Absolutely! If you are participating in a local run, walk or other activity and want to support our mission, set up your Teal Revolution page, tell your story and fundraise to help build awareness through that activity, too.