Teal Revolution 2021 Virtual 5K

Join Forces with Clearity and Become a Partner Organization!

We believe it will take a revolution to ensure women facing ovarian cancer get all the information and care they need to meet their diagnosis with confidence. We also believe collaboration among the numerous ‘teal’ organizations around the country will help to make this possible.

We launched Teal Revolution last year and invited other 501C3 teal organizations to join us, raise awareness and also raise funds for our causes. The success at the dawn of the pandemic showed us the value of working together, so if you are part of an ovarian cancer-focused organization and want to join us, please read on!

Teal Revolution is a virtual 5k event that will launch in mid-January 2021 and culminate with a celebration and fanfare on May 22. It is an opportunity for those who care about the issue of ovarian cancer to get involved, raise awareness and funds for programs and services for the ovarian cancer community.

As a Partner Organization you would receive these benefits:

  •       You can bring your constituents together to raise awareness through this turn-key program
  •       You can fundraise for your own organization on a Clearity-hosted peer to peer fundraising platform*
  •       Your organization logo and/or name will be featured on the website and in social media posts about the event
  •       Your organization will be part of Clearity’s national marketing efforts around the event
  •       Your organization will be seen as part of the greater ovarian cancer community and recognized as collaborative

Clearity’s mission is to provide credible, science-focused information to patients and caregivers to assist them and their care teams in making the best possible treatment decisions. We also provide one-on-one ovarian cancer counseling to patients and caregivers through our Steps Through OC program.

For more information and an application contact Lorena at lgurule-montes@clearityfoundation.org.

*Clearity has invested in the One Cause platform that allows event participants to pick which charity they will support, and all funds will be distributed (less bank processing fees) to each organization within 30 days of the close of the website on June 30, 2021.