Teal Revolution 2021 Virtual 5K

Clearity Foundation strives to improve the survival and quality of life of women with ovarian cancer. We give hope to women with ovarian cancer and their families.

Clearity began as a passionate project of Laura Shawver, PhD, a renowned cancer scientist, who was diagnosed in 2006 with ovarian cancer. During her course of treatment she realized advances being made through precision medicine in other types of cancer weren't happening in ovarian cancer. 

After completing her treatment in 2008 she launched The Clearity Foundation to ensure all women had access to precision medicine to ensure better outcomes in their treatment. Later clinical trials were identified as a way of getting the future of cancer care to women, so Clearity's scientific team led by Deborah Zajchowski, PhD, developed a best-in-class tool to help women and their physicians identify what trials might be appropriate for their unique situations. In 2017 Clearity launched an initiative with the support of the Susan Poorman Blackie Ovarian Cancer Foundation to provide counseling support for women and caregivers, Steps Through OC. This program led by Susan Hess, MA, has been empirically proven by a third party evaluator to be effective in improving the quality of life for patients and caregivers facing ovarian cancer.

Clearity is always looking for ways to improve the lives of ovarian cancer patients and their families. We have always looked to the future for answers for women facing the devastating diagnosis that is ovarian cancer, and continue to do so today. Please join us, and join the revolution!