The Dragonfly House "There Is A Place" End of Year Campaign


1 in 4 girls,          1 in 6 boys

WILL experience sexual abuse by their 18th birthday.  

(Say it again....)

1 in 4 girls,         1 in 6 boys

WILL experience sexual abuse by their 18th birthday, but I can give them hope and healing at The Dragonfly House CAC through my donation.  I want to be a part of that.  Click the yellow "Donate Now" button.

Your End of Year donation will start helping these boys and girls the minute you give your gift.  There is a place and you know where it is!

   Please Donate to The Dragonfly House Child Advocacy Center

 so no services will ever be interrupted. 

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"There is a Place"

This poem is inspired by an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse. She had no one to turn to, no one to tell, and no place to go when she was a child going through trauma. When she toured The Dragonfly House a few years ago, she cried tears of joy as she learned about the work we do for kids who are abused and neglected. As she walked from room to room she kept repeating "there is a place... I am just so thankful that there is now a place."

Because of The Dragonfly House, there is a place for children, ages birth through 17, who have experienced any form of abuse or neglect to go for help in the Davie and Davidson County communities. The Dragonfly House is here to help any child who needs it for as long as they need, but right now we are in need of your help to make up for a year in lost fundraising due to COVID-19. 

We hope to be able to continue our annual fundraiser event once things "return to normal", but that doesn't undo what we have already lost from the past 9 months. 2020 has been challenging for us all, but as hard as it has been for us, it has been even worse for our kids who have been suffering from abuse or neglect on top of this crisis. Our doors stayed open this year and our services were uninterrupted because we knew that children could not wait weeks to receive the help they needed. We knew that abuse does not stop just because a quarantine goes into effect. In fact, it is often during times of public crisis that tempers flare, children are left alone, and offenders are given uninterrupted access to their child victims.  We have seen a rise in the acute level of abuse seen in the cases that come through our doors. We have heard repeatedly from children over the past several months as they have disclosed during their forensic interview that school closures, quarantines, lack of open community resources, loss of income in their households, return to drug or alcohol dependency by their caregivers, and such have directly caused or led to the abuse they experienced. Our children need us... and we need you.

With your support through the end of 2020, we will be able to ensure that there continues to be a place for those who need us the most. A place that helps for as long as the child needs. A place that does not charge children and families because of the suffering they have experienced. A place that will continue offering hope and healing. Yes, There Is A Place on which kids can rely, There Is A Place called Dragonfly.

Your Donation Makes A Difference!

There are many ways to make a donation: 

1. Give directly through this webpage via debit or credit card.​

2. Mail a check to The Dragonfly House, 387 Valley Road, Mocksville, NC 27028. Write your Ambassador's name in the memo line of the check.

3. Personally hand cash or check to your Ambassador for them to deliver to The Dragonfly House.

The Dragonfly House is also able to accept stock transfers as a donation.

Donations made to The Dragonfly House are tax-deductible, but it is recommended that you consult with your tax advisor for how a donation can benefit you and your tax filings.

You can select one of the donation amounts listed in the Giving Levels, or donate a specific dollar amount of your choosing.

    About the Cause

    The Dragonfly House Children's Advocacy Center is a 501c3 non-profit, community-based, child-friendly center that provides multidisciplinary services for children and families affected by sexual abuse,  physical abuse, neglect, or who have witnessed violence.  All of the services we provide, such as forensic interviews, medical examinations, victim advocacy and support, mental health treatment, and coordinated case review, are offered at no cost to them or their families, for as long as they need.  Through our multi-disciplinary services, we bring together child protection workers, law enforcement, advocates, school professionals, prosecutors, and medical & mental health providers to offer a coordinated, comprehensive response to each child victim and their non-offending family members.  We provide services to approximately 400 children per year, and since opening in 2010 we can proudly say we have helped roughly 4000 abused children and their families.  We did not do this alone... you have been there every step of the way.  Our supporters are different but all have one thing in common,  a desire to help children and give back to their community.

    There is a place... It's called The Dragonfly House

    This year has been difficult for us all as a worldwide crisis turned our daily lives, and everything we knew as "normal", upside down. Just as each of you, your families, and your workplaces experienced a shift and a level of trauma (and grief from the loss of so many daily experiences we held dear to us), so did The Dragonfly House. However, it is important to know that our agency provides essential services and during the past 9 months we have been here every day with our doors open, our staff ready, and our facility safe to serve the children and their family members who need us most.

    Throughout the pandemic The Dragonfly House seamlessly continued our work with child abuse victims, never skipping a beat, to provide all of our core programs to every child who needed us. This included being available 24/7 for law enforcement and social services when urgent cases came to our attention (which has been much more frequent than during the months and years prior to the pandemic). But, just as dedicated as we are to being here every day, behind the scenes we are looking at our own crisis of nearly a year's worth of loss in community financial donations, including not being able to hold our largest annual fundraiser event at the end of March.

    Please join us as we finish 2020 fighting together for these kids, for children who have experienced physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, and who have witnessed violence, so they will always be able to find hope and healing at The Dragonfly House.  #thereisaplace2020